SBCC set to implement easier online-grading system


Antony Marchiando



City College is planning to switch from Moodle to the more efficient online management system Canvas, to resolve ongoing issues that students face with online courses.

The college proposed using Canvas to provide a more reliable online education source. The system is a main component in Governor Jerry Brown’s Online Education Initiative, which aims to improve the overall quality of online classes in California Community Colleges.  

“I’m really excited,” said Dean of Technology Kenley Neufeld. “We’ve changed our online management system three times in the past 10 years and I’m really confident about this one.”

Because Canvas is part of the initiative, the state of California will pay for it. Neufeld said this will save the college around $110,000 every school year.

If Canvas is implemented, City College will be joining about 20 other community colleges in the state that are using it.

Neufeld presented an entire model of the system to the Student Senate in October, advocating his support the adoption of Canvas.

“I have frustrations with Moodle’s grading system because it’s not very accurate or used often by the teachers,” said Bryanna Siguenza, the student senate’s vice president of external affairs. “But with Canvas, the teacher’s workbook grading will be live, so as soon as your assignment is graded, you can see it. Plus it has a very user-friendly interface so I’m excited to see it used here.”

Students are frequently confused using Moodle because course material is placed in different locations for each class. Neufeld said that Canvas will resolve this issue by creating a universal online layout that will be the same for all courses students are enrolled in.

“Moodle works, it does the trick,” he said. “But Canvas does more because it provides a better solution for students.”

The system will provide education models that Governor Brown coins as “Student Readiness Tools,” which will increase the quality of online education in the state. The modules available to all City College students through Canvas include online tutoring and tutorials on how to be successful in online classes.

“Canvas offers 24/7 assistance for students and professors experiencing any malfunctions,” Neufeld said. “Whereas Moodle only offers students phone technical support during select hours Monday through Friday.”

There will also be an application available for download on all mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets, laptops) to provide more convenience.

The College Planning Council is the final approval needed to officially implement the system into City College. They will meet with Neufeld on Tuesday, Dec. 1 to discuss the transition.