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SBCC to add 15 faculty members


City College will soon begin the search to hire 15 new full-time faculty members next year for various college departments.

The Academic Senate held hearings throughout October and listened to department chairs as they explained why they wanted new faculty members. The senators ranked the presentations in an effort to decide where the needs were greatest. Their recommendations will be presented to Superintendent-President Dr. Lori Gaskin who will make the final decision, primarily based on the senate’s rankings.

“It’s been a long process to get to this really special day, where we do one of our most important jobs as the senate,” said Academic Senate President Dr. Kimberly Monda. “To make recommendations for new and replacement positions.”

The departments that were recommended for positions are as follows: associate degree nursing, biology, economics, art, mathematics, physics, athletics, graphic design, accounting, early childhood education, anthropology, the faculty resource center, student health, computer science and the learning support services.

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The majority of the positions are replacements for people who are retiring or quitting, but the state of California is also funding the college to create six completely new positions.

Out of the 29 departments who made the requests and held presentations, only 15 will be granted the positions.

The decisions were made based on different criteria the senate followed in regards to student success, the impact on students and faculty and the differences between part and full-time faculty members in those departments.

Marilynn Spaventa, interim executive vice president, presented recommendations to the senate from the college’s deans and explained their thoughts on where the new positions should go.

“It took us an hour and a half of very, very spirited debate,” Spaventa said regarding the decision. “And I think we were all comfortable.”

She also said that although only 15 of the positions are set, there is a possibility that more positions could be granted as well.

The senate completed a ranked list of the 15 departments, but also conducted an additional list that included all 29 disciplines in case more positions are added.

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