Metro Transit talks possible transportation fee increase



The Metropolitan Transit District’s Jerry Estrada and Dr. Ben Partee introduced the possibility of higher parking and transportation fees for City College students to the Associated Student Government.

The transit district and City College have been working together for years to accommodate students traveling from Isla Vista to the college.

Last fall semester larger buses on line 15x were introduced, which allowed many more students to fit on the buses. Unfortunately students have voiced that the buses now take too long to fill up which causes them to run late.

Jerry Estrada, general manager of the transit district, and Dr. Partee, dean of student development, discussed the possibility of creating a legislation to raise transportation fees that students would have the chance to vote on to continue to improve transportation and parking at City College.

Funds from increasing these fees may mean more buses for students and better transportation options in the future.

“I believe that the new buses are really convenient for our students using them to get to campus,” said Caleb Ransom, vice president of external affairs. “I’ve heard a ton of good reviews on them and I also believe that an increase in transport fees could ultimately benefit the student.”