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Faculty lecturer explores life, emphasizes importance of sex

Jazmyne Cushenberry
Blake Barron, biology professor speaks at the City College’s 35th Annual Faculty Lecture, in the Sports Pavillion on East Campus, Wednesday, March 12.

Sex, drugs, rock & roll and a boa constrictor. These were just some of the topics discussed at the 35th Annual Faculty Lecture on March 12.

Biology Professor Blake Barron attracted over 540 students and faculty to hear his installation of the lecture series, “Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll: Sensations and Rhythms of Life.”

Entering like Britney Spears at the 2001 Video Music Awards, Barron took center stage with the Biology Department’s seven-and-a-half-foot Columbian Boa Constrictor named KA draped around his shoulders.

“In my experience [science] is the best way to explore and understand the world we live in,” Barron said.

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Starting an hour before the lecture, members of the City College Biology Club, led by Barron, were manning interactive biology exhibits for the attendees to explore.

Barron was nominated for the annual faculty lecture by his peers at City College. He started with acknowledgements and gratitude to all in attendance.

“There’s a lot of interesting research going on in science now that requires [different] disciplines interacting with each other,” he said.

Barron points out that everything in the natural world can be changed simply by studying the world itself.

Throughout the speech, Barron filled the audience’s mind with building blocks of biological information.

“There are things that motivate animals. Do we know what those are?” Barron asked the audience.

Almost in unison, student audience members from Barron’s past and present classes shouted out “food and sex!”

Professor Barron then steered the lecture toward the molecular level. Zooming the microscope even further in on what sustains life, mentioned that “to a great degree, you could say you are your enzymes.”

At the closing of the Professor’s talk, City College President Dr. Lori Gaskin spoke about the importance of the Annual Faculty Lecture and how Barron’s enthusiasm and knowledge contributed to yet another successful lecture.

Gaskin presented Barron with the Faculty lecturer’s “goal of excellence” award, bringing the lecture to a close.

As the entrance to Sports Pavilion filled with people enjoying coffee and snacks after the lecture, nothing could be heard but the positive words of astonishment and encouragement towards the lecture and Barron’s teaching career thus far.

“The technology in that was outstanding. He used so many different things; videos, audio, crazy things I sure didn’t have,” said former faculty lecturer Michael Masson. “These days’ being a professor is like dancing around in a field of technology, and he sure is dancing.”

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