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City College sees stable budget for first time in six years

For the first time in six years, City College will not have to make budget cuts.

In a special Budget Forum, Vice President of Business Services Joe Sullivan, explained that not only will there be no cuts, but department budgets are also secure and will be allowed to make small increases, if necessary.

“There isn’t a ton of discretionary money,” said Superintendent-President, Lori Gaskin. “But there is a small amount… we can work with that.”

However, the college needs to increase enrollment to pay the State back for overestimating its enrollment throughout the recession.

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City College receives $5,000 per full-time enrolled student . The cost for the college per full-time student is roughly $10,000. The College pays back the loan through the General Fund.

The General Fund is at roughly $88 million, which for the first time in six years is not under-budget.

Since the start of the recession in 2008, there has been a steady decrease in state funding for all California community colleges. This has resulted in many sections being cut and departments going without necessary enhancements.

With the passing of Proposition 30 in Fall 2012, and the turnaround in the economy, City College has been able to regain some of its footing and start to restore past losses.

Non-resident and international student fees are set to increase by $14 in Fall 2014.

Gaskin said that City College doesn’t know if the fee increase will “accrue any additional funds or not.” The increase would fund more course sections in English, math and counseling for all students enrolled.

A small increase in the cost of living is also expected from the state because of the increase in non-resident fees.

Even with a 12-year, $300 million facelift on the horizon, revenues and expenses for the 2013-14 budget are on target and not expected to exceed their limits.

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