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Partying near campus leads to complaints, new student rules


City College would be one of the first community colleges to add community rules to its Standards of Student Conduct, according to a new proposal presented to the Associated Student Senate.

Superintendent President Dr. Lori Gaskin and Dean of Educational Programs Dr. Ben Partee came up with the new Honor Code following complaints from excessive student partying near campus. Some students have recently dubbed Oceano and Barranca streets “the second IV.”

Residents in nearby neighborhoods have been complaining about the students’ tendency to extensively party, usually under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

“They don’t want to stop partying,” said Jessica McAovain, a political science student. “This is what they look forward to, almost every day.”

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All music on Oceano Street is supposed to be turned down around 10 p.m., but some apartment complexes don’t have night managers to take care of the buildings and their residents.

“Partying is a part of college life, and there is a certain time to shut parties down, even people in Isla Vista understand that,” said Senator Brian Osgood. “People seem not to understand that in Oceano and Barranca.”

The first time students violate the code they would have to attend one-on-one meetings. In the case of a second violation they could face suspension, or even expulsion from the college.

“Preparing students to be academically and socially good citizens in a global environment,” Dr. Partee said. “This is what Community College is all about.”

Students would be asked to sign the Honor Code electronically at some point in the enrollment process next year.

Dr. Gaskin also pointed out that the partying students only represent about 10 percent of the student body and she asked for help from the Associated Student Senate to address the issue with as many other students as possible.

“Partying is normal, I am not expecting people to go sober,” Associated Student President Elie Katzenson said. “But I am expecting them to understand what appropriate drinking is.”

The senate is planning to get a hold of students through a small advertising campaign that would share some statistics and true stories about near campus partying. They hope to inspire students to set up some standards in their late night activities.

The senate is very aware of the Santa Barbara party reputation and understands that many students attend City College to become a part of that culture.

“My roommate came all the way from Georgia, because she heard we have great party schools,” said Vice President of Senate Affairs Gracie Mayetto. “A great amount of people want to have a party life. It’s going to be difficult to change mind-sets and society.”

Besides the Honor Code proposal, Katzenson would like to create a mentorship program in each department. She would like to see older students meeting with the younger ones to talk, not only about academic issues, but also about the college and campus life.

She hopes this would be a more effective and personal way to create relationships with freshmen that might temper the party instinct.

“I assume that partying is a kind of stress relief for a lot of students,” said Senator Cristian Alvarez. “But I think the Honor Code is a great idea to open students’ eyes.”

Some senators said that students who party excessively are just not motivated toward their academic career. If they don’t know what they are going for, they are not disciplined.

“Partying is an easier life-style,” said McAovain. “When you party, you don’t get to think. I think the code is going to work.”

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