Incident report: Campus vandalized over weekend

Cody Brumbaugh, Opinion Editor

April 6, 8:30 a.m.

A male student in a foreign language class was being confrontational with the instructor after he was dropped from the class for numerous absences. The student yelled at the instructor over her teaching methods. The instructor reported the incident to the security office because she was frightened with the way he was acting. Security officers made contact and referred the student to the dean of Student Discipline.

April 9, 8 a.m.

The security office was notified of vandalism over the weekend at several areas of campus. Security found two broken cement trashcans by the library, two broken umbrellas outside Campus Center, and two broken plastic green chairs outside of the West Campus snack shop. They also found that the vandals had broken off a side rail of a school golf cart and used it to shatter the windshield of a school vehicle.

11:30 a.m.

Security officers were approached outside the library about a former student heckling a student about smoking near the fountain on West Campus. The officers report that the former student had asked the student to put out his cigarette and that he complied. However, the former student continued to harass the student about smoking, following him to the footbridge and calling him a “clown” for smoking. Security talked to the two separately and warned the former student to stop harassing students on campus.

11:35 a.m.

Security officers responded to a call from the Life Fitness Center about a student who was being disruptive and working out when he was not registered for a Life Fitness class. An employee approached the student for wearing a sleeveless shirt, which is against the rules. When confronted, the student lied saying he was an instructor and that he was upset about being told what to do. The student was identified after going into the LFC directors’ office and complaining about employees being rude to him. Security asked him to leave and not return unless he was registered in a class there.

April 10, 7:25 p.m.

Security responded to a report of a student feeling ill in a psychology class in Interdisciplinary Center Room 220. The student said she felt like she was going to pass out but never lost consciousness. Paramedics were called and when they arrived they advised the student to eat as soon as possible to counterbalance low blood sugar.

April 12, 11:58 a.m.

Security officers and nurses responded to a call about a female student in pain in the hotel, restaurant and culinary department women’s locker room, who was unable to move. The student, suffering from severe menstrual cramps felt well enough to move after ten minutes, and was escorted to a friend’s car and taken to Urgent Care at Cottage Hospital.