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Gap years help young people discover their true potentials

Sarah Maninger, Arts and Entertainment Editor

April 5, 2019

In a time when students’ educational plans are becoming more and more complex, it's important that we remind ourselves that gap years are the future of social growth. Gap years are no longer defined by months of students galavantin...

SBCC student regrets choosing first love over first-choice college

Madeline K. Nathaus, Channels Staff

April 21, 2017

One year ago, I decided to stay home for college to be with my boyfriend. Ten days after the decision deadline— he broke up with me. I was a senior in high school. Desperate to leave Ventura, California, I whined about...

Keeping high school attitudes will not foster college success


September 9, 2016

I can’t help but laugh whenever I look back to when I thought being a teenager in high school was difficult. I would get angry and feel stupid for receiving average grades, yet I spent more time hanging out with my friends...

Victim-blaming is an ineffective approach to sexual assault


May 4, 2015

The discussion of sexual assault on college campuses is an aggressive topic in news and politics right now. According to the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention, “rape is the most violent crime committ...

Slang language: communication failure in the professional world

JESSICA MACIAS, Channels Staff

March 27, 2015

I was always told to respect my elders when I was younger, which is why I bit my tongue around my friend’s parents after a good, mean lecture. The instinct to be appropriate usually kicks in for people when around adults...

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