Incident Report – Female students reporting close encounters

Mason Smith and Mason Smith

Feb. 19

Around 10 a.m., a man arrived at the Security Office looking for his belongings. The man is a former student that is now homeless. He has been camping in the bushes by the concrete stairs that lead down to Cliff Drive. The day before, he found a note at the campsite. It said that his sleeping bag, leather jacket and other things could be retrieved at the Security Office. Campus security returned the items and informed that sleeping or storing his belongings on campus was not allowed.

Feb. 22

At 10:30 a.m., a female student reported an uncomfortable encounter with male student. While walking towards the East Campus bus stop, a male student started a conversation with female and offered his hand as if to shake it. During the greeting the man held her hand firmly saying, “you’re really pretty.” He did not let go of her hand until she pried it away from his grip. She immediately turned and walked away as the male student continued to try to talk to her. The female student directly reported the incident saying the guy “creeped” her out.

Feb. 23

Campus security was called at 2:30 p.m. to the West Campus Snack Shop after an employee had reported her purse stolen. The purse and tip cup were stolen by a man while one of the Snack Shop employees was on break. The man came through a door usually used for an exit. The man took off running through the same door he came in and ran into the first level of the parking structure on West Campus. When security arrived they could not find anyone in the area fitting the description given by witnesses. The purse contained a cell phone, wallet, driver’s license, credit cards and about $100 in cash. Security advised the student to file a report with the Santa Barbara Police Department.

Feb. 24

At 10:50 a.m. a security guard caught a student vandalizing the first floor men’s restroom of the Student Services Building. When a security officer walked into the restroom he found a male student defacing the outside of one of the bathroom stalls with a pen. When security asked the student for identification, the student said that he did not have any. Security informed the student that the police would be called to confirm the student’s identity unless he could produce some form of identification. The student pulled out his City College ID card and told security that he would rather have the situation be a student discipline issue as opposed to a police matter.

Feb. 24

A female student reported that her roommate had been missing for 10 days leaving everything behind except her purse and cell phone. Security contacted each of the missing student’s professors to see if they had seen her, none had seen her within the last three weeks. Security advised the student to go to the Santa Barbara Police Department to file a missing persons report. During a follow up, security found that the police talked to the missing girl’s brother who had seen his sister only a few days prior. The Santa Barbara Police Department has decided that the girl is not missing despite still not showing up at her apartment.

Feb. 25

A female student reported at 5: 30 p.m. that a strange man had been stalking her. At about 3:30 p.m., the student got on a bus downtown on her way to campus. She noticed that a male was moving closer to her each time the bus stopped. The man moved closer until he was sitting next to the student. Once the bus reached the bus stop on East Campus the female student got off the bus followed by the man. The man walked nearly side by side the student as she headed towards the library. The man began a conversation with the student such as asking her for her phone number, which she did not give out. Once she reached the library around 4 p.m. the male left her but said, “I’ll see you around.” The student waited in the library for a few minutes before going and checking if the man was still outside. He wasn’t there.

Feb. 26

Campus security found several “tags” along the fire road leading up from Pershing Park during a morning inspection. The tags were in black and green spray paint and were on light posts, signs and walls, and were done during the previous night.