Incident Report – Thefts on the rise

Mason Smith

Feb. 27

A male student returned to his car parked in the West Campus parking structure to find that his window was smashed and his stereo and subwoofer were stolen.

The total value of the stolen property was around $500. The student was advised to file a report with the Santa Barbara Police Department.

March 1

A staff member reported that someone tried to break into a soda machine outside the portables on West Campus. They noticed that there were a couple of wires hanging out of the machine.

When checked, there was no money or soda missing from the machine. An “out of order” sign was placed on the machine until it can be repaired.

March 2

An 18-year-old male student had his jeans, wallet and cell phone stolen from the Life Fitness Center while he was working out. He had placed the items in a cubby in the center around 3:30 p.m. When he returned just over an hour later he found his things were gone. Inside the wallet were two credit cards, two debit cards, a driver’s license, proof of both medical and car insurance, a medical marijuana card, and $43.

March 3

At 1:30 p.m. a staff member reported graffiti in the first floor bathroom of the Earth and Biological Sciences Building. They told security that the suspect tagged the bathroom every Tuesday after 2 p.m.

A female student, 20, was stopped trying to exit the Luria Library with a book that was not allowed to be checked out of the building.

Once stopped by a library employee, it was noticed that the book in question had its barcode cut out so as to avoid setting off the alarms. There was no other damage to the book.

March 4

Security received a report of a male student, 54, that had been stalking a female student, 20, for a few months.

The male student has followed the female and often stared at her, as well as other unwanted behavior. Security is further investigating the case.