New late-start class on iPhone use coming to City College


Antony Marchiando

Photo Illustration

KAZDEN WATKINS, Channels Staff

A new late-start class at City College, “Using Your iPhone”, will teach students how to utilize every aspect and feature of their iPhones starting November 1.

“The objective of the class is to basically help people tap into the potential of their iPhone for schoolwork or play,” said teacher, Norma Eggli. “They’ll learn to utilize all of the phone’s built-in applications.”

Eggli has 22 years of teaching experience in Adult Education as well as teaching several technology classes before, like “Introduction to Handheld Devices” and “Tech Talk.”

“The class is designed with the student in mind,” said Eggli. “You’ve got to juggle your schedule, work, and school work, so you’re going to learn it all.”

“Using Your iPhone” will go over basic tasks like organizing your calendar, sending and receiving emails, importing music from iTunes, and finding the best applications to download. It will also touch on more specific tasks like getting the most out of the phone’s web browser, reading library books, and taking courses through iPhone University.

Students will be able to see Eggli demonstrate her lessons using Apple TV, which will allow her to use the projector to show her iPhone screen live. Eggli has also recently implemented help for those with the new iPhone 6 and figuring out some of its recent upgrades.

“Whether you’re a beginner or master of the iPhone, I guarantee you everyone coming out is going to learn a few new tricks,” said Eggli.

“Using Your iPhone” is offered by the COMP department and is a 1-unit, late-start course.