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Late start classes begin soon for additional credits

City College’s late start program provides students with a variety of courses to choose from in order to meet requirements or simply add a little more to their fall schedule.

“Late start classes are one way to get back to full time status,” said Oscar Zavala, chair of counseling.

These courses are a great opportunity for those who do not have enough units to be full-time students, for withdrawal or other reasons, those who need extra units to degree or transfer, as well as students who want to get a little more from their education.

“We would like to have more UC transferrable courses,” said Academic Counselor Kimberly Taylor. “These courses can be essential for some students who need units to transfer.”

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The classes offered are of great variety ranging from Alcohol and Drug Counseling classes to Marine Diving courses and even that of the Personal Management field.

The Cosmetology Program gives students expertise in the science and techniques of hair, skin, makeup and nail care. Cosmetology courses start on Oct. 27, and include Intro to Cosmetology courses and training.  After completing 1,800 clock hours in lecture and lab experience in Cosmetology, students will be eligible and ready to take the California State Board examination to become a licensed cosmetologist. Each Intro to Cosmetology class is worth 12 credits.

The Esthetician Program, as part of the Cosmetology division, was designed to develop skill sets in the science and techniques of administering skin care treatments and expertly applied makeup.  After completing the 600 hours in lecture and lab experience in Cosmetology 131 and 132, a course worth 12 credits, a student is prepared and eligible to take the State Board examination to become a licensed esthetician.

Certified Nursing Assistant Courses begin in early November. The first Care Skills For The CNA course begins on Nov. 4, worth 1.5 credits and the first Home Health Aide course begins on Nov. 19, and is worth 1.8 credits. A Certified Nursing Assistant is known to be an important member of the Healthcare team who helps people in need. In the ten-week program, students learn safe and effective ways to efficiently assist ill, disabled, and elderly people with the basic activities. To enroll, you must be eligible for English 70 and 80, ESL students must have completed Level 5, and all Students must complete an application process.

Even though Marine Diving Technologies courses have already started, there are many more opportunities to take each course. An Underwater Cutting class begins on Oct. 27, for 1.5 credits. On Oct. 31, an Ocean Structures class worth .5 credits will be open. A Saturation Diving Procedure course for 1.7 credits and an Open Water Navigation and Rescue course for .7 credits will be available starting Nov. 7. An Underwater inspection course will be available on Nov. 19, worth 1.7 credits. Starting Dec. 5 Surface Supplied Diving worth 1 credit will be available and so will Hydraulics worth .7 credits.

According to City College, “Santa Barbara City College’s Marine Diving Technologies Program is recognized worldwide for its vocational excellence.” City College is the only community college degree program in the nation that is accredited by the Association of Commercial Diving Educators (ACDE), the International Diving Schools Association (IDSA) and the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI).

For those that need credits for, or simply just enjoy Culinary Arts, A Food Service Practicum course will be available on Nov. 19 for 2 credits. The course provides hands-on lab experience in a working kitchen, which gives practice on the basic skills needed. After taking the course students will know the practical techniques required to produce quality soups, sauces, entrees, starches and vegetables emphasized.

City College promises through a series of courses for ESL students to help master basic English communication skills necessary to make reasonable progress in an American community college environment. A Writing Skills and Computer course will be available on Nov. 3 for 1 credit, designed to aid English as a Second Language students.

Check Out this website for more classes that are offered:

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