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Proposed garden raises money through crowd-funding website

City College students are intent on creating a Permaculture Garden on east campus to supply the culinary arts department with fresh herbs, and provide “functional beautification” to open lawn space.

Students Carlos Iñigo and Alex Corella have been instrumental in the funding for an on campus food supply. With the help of the crowd-fundraising website, Indiegogo, the two have managed to raise $664, and hope to raise close to $10,000 dollars.

“To do the full project we will need at most $10,000,” said Iñigo, however he thinks they could complete it with $3,000 with the right amount of commitment.

To advertise for their project, Iñigo has relied mostly on Facebook and word of mouth for funding.

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“They went to raise funds for a concept that we don’t have fully compiled yet. Everyone has ideas of what it could be,” said environmental studies Professor Adam Green. “We are seeing what’s going to work and what people are okay with.”

“Obviously we would have to talk to all of the faculty in that area,” said Green.

Because much of East Campus is in the queue to be remodeled, now is a good time for these students to experiment with the idea.

“It seems worthwhile to experiment a little bit right now,” said Green. “It could be a showcase…if we grow enough [food] it could be a component of culinary.”

Iñigo is adamant about the sense of community that the garden can create on campus.

“I would like the garden to be a community center,” he said. “I would like to see how there are people from all different backgrounds involved.”

As of now, no official plans have been drawn up, but Iñigo believes the garden could be started as soon as next semester.

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