No smoking policy increases cessation program attendance

No smoking policy increases cessation program attendance

Cody Wright, Staff Writer

The Tobacco Cessation Program has seen a rise in student and faculty usage since the smoke-free policy began.

The cessation program has been available since 2007 and is offered every semester. Smokers must pay a $20 deposit, which is refunded to them when the person successfully completes the program. The college’s smoke-free policy began on Aug. 5.

“We want students to be successful in every part of their life,” said Ben Murphy, alcohol and substance awareness program adviser. “No one ever regrets quitting.”

Counselors work with the smoker to begin a five-week program. Counselors create a plan to quit designed around the smoker’s personal habits. This program is called the Treatment Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

One tactic they use is smoking a different brand of cigarettes. This strategy pushes a smoker out of their comfort zone and away from their everyday pattern of smoking.

As many smokers know its not just the addiction to nicotine that is hard to give up.

“I’ve tried to quit and I keep failing, but its something I really want to do,” said Solomon Tesfamichel, City College student.

Upon entry to the cessation program quit kits are available. The kits are equipped with a variety of solutions to help smokers through the day.

The kit contains straws and gum for a smoker’s oral fixation. A stress ball, nicotine patches and lozenges for the stronger cravings many may encounter during the day.

“It’s about having support,” Katy Campbell, alcohol and substance awareness program counseling intern said.

Campbell is a former smoker and quit because of programs like this.

“We want people to know it’s normal if they feel like biting someone’s head off,” Campbell said.

The programs’ capacity has reached the highest number of participants it has ever seen.

“We want to be here for people who want to quit,” said Murphy.

Students can make an appointment in the Student Health Services Building and more information is located on the City College website.