Incident Report – Makeshift shelter removed from West Campus

Gabriel Cabello, Gabriel Cabello, and Gabriel Cabello

Sept. 21

A student admitted to attempted theft of another’s MP3 player when the owner noticed it in the offender’s pocket. The owner had stepped away from his MP3 player during auto class, and the device was missing when he returned. Another classmate informed him that the offender had been hanging out in that area. When questioned, the offender denied committing the theft and offered to let the owner search his bag. The owner noticed there was something in the offender’s pocket, and the offender took out the MP3 player and returned it to the owner. The offending student admitted to security that he had stolen the device, but intended to return it. The owner asked that the matter be given consideration from college administration, and that severe punishment be given to the offender.

Sept. 22

A car parked at the Wake Center for Continuing Education was found keyed on both sides from bumper to bumper. The vandalism occurred between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. in the parking lot near the construction academy. The owner made a report with the sheriff’s department as well as campus security.

Sept. 23

A student was taken to the Cottage Hospital Emergency Room, having felt heaviness and pains in her chest while in the cafeteria. Security and the campus nurse initially responded to the incident after receiving a call of a student feeling ill.

Security and Grounds crews removed a makeshift shelter on the West Campus creek bed behind the parking structure and Interdisciplinary building. Discovered Sept. 17, “no camping or trespassing” signs were posted to around the area. While cleaning up the shelter and removing items, a homeless man was found sleeping at the camp. He took a bicycle and backpack with him before leaving.

Security responded to a call of a student yelling profanities and causing a disturbance, to find he was not randomly yelling but singing along to his music player. Questioned between the Student Services and Physical Sciences building, the student was advised to sing at a lower volume.

Sept. 25

A student reportedly harassed an art instructor for being dropped from the class. He pleaded to the teacher that his dad would be very upset with him if he was not reinstated, that his motorcycle had been stolen and that he had lost money at his apartment. After the student agreed to leave the building, he waited near the building’s entrance, according to the report. To avoid the student, the instructor left through a side door with the help of a technician. The student had a similar incident in the past when he blamed another instructor for losing his assignments, but it was later discovered he had never turned them in.

A petty cash box was reported stolen from the staff offices of Campus Center Room 124. The standard grey box was kept in a file cabinet inside his office, and was last seen at the end of August. There was approximately $50 cash as well as receipts.