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Incident Report – Bus stuck in lower parking lot

Gabriel Cabello

October 13, 2009

Sept. 26 A bus driving Westmont College's soccer team was towed out of the lower campus parking lot next to La Playa Stadium. The driver reportedly reversed up the roadway towards the Life Fitness Center, and the bus got stuck....

Safety officers busy on high alert

Gabriel Cabello, Gabriel Cabello, and Gabriel Cabello

October 7, 2009

Faced with budget strapped departments and a struggling economy, City College anticipates high tensions around campus possibly leading to greater difficulties for campus security. "There have been 30 more incidents reported this y...

Angry girl attacks ex-boyfriend

Gabriel Cabello

September 23, 2009

A culinary student was punched and clawed by his ex-girlfriend in the East Campus Friendship Plaza on Thursday evening, according to the incident report. The woman first threw the man's sunglasses on the ground, breaking the...

Anti-Obama flyers found scattered around campus

Gabriel Cabello

September 23, 2009

Anti-Barack Obama flyers were found posted around campus the morning of Sept. 10, vandalizing Channels newsstands and upsetting many passersby. The photo-shopped image of President Obama, with makeup resembling Heath Ledger's character The Joker in "The Dark Kni...

Drunk driver busted at City College

By Shane Bliemaster

June 4, 2009

A middle-aged man was stopped by the chief of Campus Security around 9 a.m. April 22 for driving under the influence. Campus Security Director John Dafoe said he spotted Roberto Martin driving a white Toyota Camry by the West...

Incident Report – Graffiti vandals tag campus property

Hannah Scott

April 21, 2009

April 15 At 3 p.m., a male student became upset and yelled fighting words, causing a scene in the Admissions Office of the Student Services Building. He was petitioning to add a class, when despite verbal warnings he continued...

Librarians look at new watch cams

Kenny Lindberg

March 25, 2009

The recent report that a laptop may have been stolen from the Luria Library has led the library to explore the possibility of updating their surveillance cameras-none of which record data. "We're getting a bid right now for cameras th...

Funding woes leave campus littered

Rhys Alvarado

March 11, 2009

Every morning, Juan Patino and the grounds keeping crew gather at the stands of La Playa Stadium to talk about the duties of the day. Dressed in red long sleeves and rubber boots while huddled around a chocolate chip loaf, t...

Incident Report – Fraud, theft and syrup?

Hannah Scott, Hannah Scott, and Hannah Scott

March 10, 2009

Feb. 23 When a male student returned to his vehicle at 11:45 a.m., he discovered syrup poured through his cracked driver's side window. The syrup soaked the driver's seat and floor, and the student's parking permit was missing...

Incident Report – Student threatens security officer in parking lot

Hannah Scott

February 18, 2009

Jan. 28 Security officer Luis Araiza was threatened, harassed and insulted by a student in parking lot 1B. Upon confronting a vehicle where he heard aggressively loud conversation, Officer Araiza encountered a "highly agitated...

Text messages AlertU in case of emergencies

Kyle Rokes

February 18, 2009

City College has a new emergency communication system to inform students, faculty and staff about disasters like last year's wildfires. The system is called AlertU, and contacts users via instant messaging that can spread information...

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