City College Board of Trustees honor staff and faculty members

Johan Hammerby, Johan Hammerby, and Johan Hammerby

The Board of Trustees had something of an award ceremony Thursday when several faculty and staff members were honored for their good deeds. The first one rewarded was Dr. Brian Sarvis, who was recognized for his 35 years at City College. A resolution to his honor was adopted, saying that Sarvis is “leaving an outstanding legacy of service to students and the community.” 

Sarvis has been working with the dual enrollment program and also has served on the Santa Barbara School District for 11 years, serving as superintendent for seven of those.

The resolution, adopted by the board, was also signed by Superintendent-President Dr. Andreea Serban, Academic Senate President Ignacio Alarcon and Liz Auchincloss, president of the Classified Staff Employees’ Association, CSEA.

“There are so many areas that would not have been possible without him,” Serban said.

Dr. Jack Friedlander also mentioned Sarvis during a presentation about dual enrollment, praising him for getting City College different grants and attending all but one meeting about dual enrollment since it first started at City College in 1996.

Another award presented was the Recognition of 2011 outstanding classified employee. Five candidates had been presented in advance, and during the meeting it was revealed that it was Technology Service Specialist Olga Gonzales from the Information Technology Department that won first prize and $500.

“This is a wonderful surprise,” Gonzales said, and continued to thank her co-workers. “We wouldn’t have the technology knowledge if it weren’t for you.”

The other nominated employees earned honorable mentions and $100 each. They included Office Manager Yoli Contreras from the Transfer Center, Administrative Assistant Sara Fargo from the President’s Office, Administrative Assistant Anita Cole from the Academic Senate and Catalog Schedule Specialist Rosa Castillo from the Scheduling Office.

The board also recognized the faculty lecturer Michael Young and gave him a $1,000 honorarium. Many colleagues and friends were there when he came up to get the check and one member of the audience yelled, “Blow something up!” in a reference to the theme of Young’s lecture.

“I just had fun,” Young said about his lecture. “It was just what I enjoyed.”

Staff and faculty members with anniversaries of employment at City College were also recognized.

The awards and honorable mentions took up most of the time of the meeting, which lasted just two hours. Board president Dr. Peter Haslund saw this as a positive.

“It was short,” Haslund said. “I like short.”

He was glad that the board could honor so many members of faculty and staff.

“When people work hard they deserve recognition,” Haslund said. “And these people have earned that.

“We all need to be recognized if we do something good. I love this part.”

This meeting was also the first one to be televised and could be seen live and as a rerun on Channel 18.

“It engages the public,” Haslund said. “You can be at home at watch the meetings.

“There were 60,000 people that voted in the election. All of those can’t fit in here. It is a small investment and it make things so much better.”