“New Girl” shows me the value of friendship and unconditional love

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Emma Welch, Staff Writer

“New Girl” is a very happy, funny, and light show that has taught me about friendship and love.

This show is about a woman, Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel), who moves in with three complete strangers, Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), Winston Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris) after her break up. The series has seven seasons in which the characters go through ups and downs, but at the end of the day they all have each other. 

Even though this is a comedy series, it goes beyond the funny moments. The friendships that these characters have are some of the strongest relationships I’ve ever seen on screen.  

From watching this series twice, I have learned about the value of friendships and how to have a healthy dynamic with roommates.

Day is one of the only characters in a TV series that I’ve been able to relate to. She is quirky, caring, funny, and immature at times. She has always had the boys’ best interest at heart and has supported them through everything. 

Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company.
Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company.

One of my favorite episodes is when Day lost her job as an elementary school teacher. Her roommates allowed her to be the “shot girl” at Schmidt’s danger party and even though she wasn’t the greatest at it, they were still trying their best to help her feel better about losing her job. This episode shows how a good friend can help turn a bad situation into a good one.

Over the course of this series, there are many times where the group’s friendship was in question. At the end of the day the four always worked together to grow their relationship and love each other for who they are wholeheartedly. 

After moving to college, I realized how much this show helped me be a good roommate. The bond between the four characters changed my perspective on how I should treat the people I’m living with just like how they treat each other. 

“New Girl” is a great show to watch to understand the true meaning of friendship and what it’s like being roommates, while showing me how to love people unconditionally for who they are, no matter what. 

This show is definitely one that everyone should watch, especially college students. Having to deal with school and many other things, this show will uplift morale and show people healthy relationships that roommates and friends should have.