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Women’s soccer wins 3-1 against rival team, remaining undefeated

Forward, No.11, Theresa English headers a corner kick towards Ventura College Pirate’s goal on Sept. 30 at La Playa Stadium in Santa Barbara, Calif. English led many of the Vaquero’s attacks and provided an assist in the first goal of the game.

Goalkeeper Analea Pule saved a total of seven goal attempts on the Friday, Sept. 30 home game against the Ventura College Pirates, which ended in a 3-1 victory for City College.

The Vaqueros remained undefeated, while Ventura lost their fifth game of the season.

Despite Ventura College’s immediate capture of the ball as the game opened, City College’s forward Sofia Orozco scored only three minutes into the game after forward Theresa English swiftly brought the ball upfield.

“They’re our rivals,” English said, emphasizing the importance of the game to the Vaqueros’ women’s team.

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After a clean save from Pule 26 minutes in, Ventura’s Alyssa Cornwell scored with an assist from midfielder Daisy Cisneros in the 38th minute of the game. The score was even as the end of the first half approached.

After 44 minutes of exertion, City College’s midfielder Hannah McClain darted through a mass of players to score and ended the first half of the game. Her teammates ran to congratulate her, surrounding her in a massive, cheerful, jumping embrace.

Seven minutes into the second half, Orozco scored again. From there, the intensity of the players increased. The gameplay became significantly rougher, including shoving, side-swiping, and stepping on feet.  

As the Pirate’s offense continued a repeated, straight-forward assault, the Vaquero’s defense responded. Defender Citlali Zambrano and Defender/forward Hannah Crawford, who had notably blocked attacking Ventura College players in the first half, now bounded across the field with greater openness and flexibility, freely moving the line of play to regain and maintain control of the ball.

Coach Alex Zermeno, when asked about this distinctive style of play, gave credit to his players.

“The girls ask for things and we try to do it,” he said.

As the clock ticked down, the Pirates made a concerted effort to once again even the score. Time after time, attempts were made to get past Pule. Time after time, she made the save. 

When confronted with her accomplishment, Pule shrugged off any praise.

“The energy produced by my team[made tonight] one for the books,” she said.

Exhaustion and leg cramps began to affect play in the latter part of the second half, resulting in multiple substitutions on each side. Vaqueros’ defender Ana Magdalena Puentes eagerly dashed onto the field, bringing with her a visible renewal of power to her teammates.

Despite their concerted efforts, the Pirates were unable to score again on City College. Players shook hands with their opponents for the first time in years, before turning back to their respective teams.

The City College players came up to the stands to applaud their supporters before they went to cool down.

“There were a lot of fans for a women’s soccer game [tonight],” English said. She made a point to acknowledge the positive energy the crowd brought to the field.

Midfielder Hannah McLain recognized the role of teamwork, enthusiastically grinning after the game.

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