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SBCC women’s soccer player leads undefeated team in goals

Alejandro Gonzalez Valle
Isabella Viana, forward for the women’s City College soccer team, at La Playa Stadium, on Oct. 12. The Vaqueros have not lost a single game this season and Viana (no. 11) is a big contribution to the team’s success.

Forward Isabella Viana of the women’s soccer team loves the game and wants to turn her successful college start into a professional career.

Viana wants to use her time at City College to focus on playing as much as she can and play at her best. She hopes to play at a Division 1 school, either University of California Irvine or University of California Santa Barbara.

“I’m taking baby steps. I’m here getting used to college and college game,” said Viana. “Hopefully I’ll go pro. That’s what I want my life to be.”

Viana is a freshman who attended Quartz Hill High School in Antelope Valley. She is the current leader in goals for City College with 7.

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Viana has played soccer her whole life and spoke about the differences of playing soccer at a college level.

“It’s actually been a big transition, but being here and having this level of competition has helped me become a better player,” said Viana.

She describes herself as a technical player and has adjusted her moves to the fast pace of the game.

City College head coach John Sisterson feels that Viana has adapted well to the college game and is a great asset to the team.

“She works very well at her game and always wants to improve and be even better,” said Sisterson.

She is very driven and much of her motivation comes from her family, but her biggest motivation comes from her teammates. She said they make her want keep going even if she gets really tired.

Her teammates also help her manage the difficulties of being a full-time student and an athlete. They are supportive about school and constantly remind her to do her homework and stay on top of her classes.

The team loves Viana on and off the field.

“Bella is a good teammate. She’s always motivating somebody. She always has a positive attitude with everything she does,” said freshman teammate Trystyn Osborne (No. 12).  

“Bella’s a really good player and all around she’s a really good person too.”

Viana has balanced classes around her soccer schedule and said in her free time she’s constantly doing homework to keep up with her classes.

“I didn’t know until after high school that I need good grades to go far with soccer,” said Viana.

A lot of Viana’s success this season has come from her ability to push herself. She said this is what helps her get through her games. She said pushing herself is what has helped her, but it’s also her biggest challenge.

“Pushing myself during the game is my biggest challenge. When I’m getting tired knowing to keep going and to keep trying. That’s a big thing for me,” she said.

Viana said her favorite part of being on the team is her teammates and the bond they have all formed.

“We all get along and I love hanging out with them, it’s been really great.”

Viana and the rest of the Vaqueros are currently off to an undefeated start this season and are ranked number one in the state.

The team plays next at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 17, against Oxnard College at home.

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