City College cheer squad will travel to STUNT competition

JAX MONTGOMERY, Channels Staff

The City College cheer squad will be traveling to Concordia University Irvine to compete in a new STUNT tournament against other community colleges from around the state.

STUNT is a new sport that focuses on the technical and athletic components of cheerleading. The tournament will be held from Feb. 25th to Feb. 26th.

STUNT competitions are different than what is seen executed by cheerleaders on the sidelines. There is no chanting involved. STUNT gives the cheerleaders a chance to showcase their stunting, tumbling, and jumps to a panel of judges.

There are four quarters of opportunities to hit their most challenging skills. Whoever has the most points by the end of the four quarters will get the opportunity to advance onto College STUNT Nationals on March 25., 2017 in Irvine, Calif. Points are deducted by cheerleaders appearing out of synchronization, falling or even bobbling. Perfection is key in this type of event.

The schools that City College will be facing in their upcoming competition are Riverside City College, Sacramento State, Alma College, Cal Poly SLO, and Concordia University.

“This squad is working so hard and I’m so excited to see how we do,” said freshman cheerleader Mackenzie Martinez.