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Vaqueros men’s tennis alive against 2013 cancellation

Melissa Troeller

After its suspension in 2013, the City College men’s tennis team has been revived for this upcoming season with a new coach and a fresh start.

Randy Moharram was chosen as the coach for the men’s and women’s teams this past summer, with the men’s tennis team being renewed after two years on hold. The men’s tennis team has now shifted focus to local outreach.

“We see a correlation in student success and proximity of where students are coming from,” said Athletic Director Ryan Byrne. “Local first. In-state second.”

Moharram has already met with the tennis coaches at Santa Barbara High School and Dos Pueblos High School. He’s still in the recruitment process, currently “calling coaches, players, and local community players.”

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“I haven’t reached everyone yet, but I’ve been fortunate enough to sit down with some of them,” said Moharram.

With the renewal of the team, Byrne also wants to make sure it serves as a student success program, aimed at student transfer.

“We talk about transfer, and we talk about eligibility in relationship to transfer,” said Moharram. He helps students get “prepared to move on to the next level.”

Byrne believes that it is a tremendous benefit to have Moharram also be an instructor at the City College. That allows for students to get more help faster.

“I can be in tune with what’s going on in terms of academics,” said Moharram. “Students can come by with any questions, and I can answer them right away.”

In the past, coaches would only be on-campus for tennis practices, and then leave to another job. Moharram is more accessible because of his higher involvement at City College, from being a referee to an advisor for clubs on-campus.

Though he has not specifically coached a tennis team, Moharram believes he will be able to adapt to it because of the nature of sports.

“The way I see it, competing is always competing to me, and the sport may be different, but there are a lot of similarities,” said Moharram. “In the planning, preparation, mental approach, competition, and physical training.”

Moharram has had about nine years experience in coaching basketball at City College alone. Before then, he coached in the Bay Area and local high schools.

“I’ll be the first one to admit, I’m still learning. Not only to be a better coach, but a tennis coach,” said Moharram. “I’m very fortunate to have two awesome teachers.”

Assistant coaches for the men’s and women’s team have been helping the tennis coach in his new role. Moharram believes the assistant coaches are invaluable in players’ individual progress and overall team building, and serve as wonderful examples.

“I’m learning a lot from them,” said Moharram. “We cover all facets of the program when you put their skills and my overall experience with athletics.”

And the program overall seems to be in good shape. “In terms of numbers, it’s been really impressive,” said Byrne. “It’s looking really promising right now.”

Byrne was not hesitant to commend Moharram’s efforts in his local outreach.

“He really understands our vision, goals, and values,” said Byrne.

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