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SBCC bowling league brings varying departments together

J.C. Corliss
Santa Barbara City College staff and faculty bowling league members choose bowling balls during their Monday, April 21, 2014, opening night of league competition. League members can socialize outside of the work place for the next ten weeks of scheduled competition.

Santa Barbara City College’s bowling league kicked off  Monday night as faculty members rolled into Zodo’s Bowling and Beyond.

The 10-team league meets at 6:30 p.m.  every Monday for 10 weeks as staffers try to prove to their colleagues who is king or queen of the pins.

“Its really good for the school,” said Earth Sciences Technician Kevin McNichol.

With focus on bringing different departments together for a fun night of bowling, the idea of the league couldn’t have come soon enough. Almost doubling the amount of teams as the last term, the league may continue to branch out in hopes of bringing more City College staff together.

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“It’s just really neat, because a lot of times you get set in your ways and you’re dealing with things within your own department,” said McNichol. “This allows you to get out and meet other people. I’ve met so many different people from the English department, to the nursing, health department.”

The league has become a way for people who normally wouldn’t interact much, to come together for a friendly challenge in the form of bowling.

After a friendly challenge from the Earth Sciences department, the English department graciously accepted and the league was born.  It may not be quite as big of a rivalry as the Red Sox vs. Yankees but once the fashion-savvy neon bowling shoes are strapped up, it’s go time.

With use of this friendly competition, hopes and expectations of expansion are present for the league as the environment couldn’t be any more pleasant. While bowling, one can enjoy the large selection of beers on tap as well as the wide selection of food at the Zodo’s Bar and Grill.

“Hopefully this is just the start. People will see that its really fun and then we will get different departments to compete against each other,” said McNichol.

Although the league currently is full that does not mean people have no hope of being able to join. A solution for that impending situation has been put in place.

“We put them on as substitutes,” said Jesse Valentine Felix, senior office assistant and the man in charge of the league.

This substitution method allows the league lineup to remain constantly full. For example, Felix said that even after a cancellation as late as this morning there would be someone who could fill in.

“Although it’s my first time being the connection between the bowling alley and SBCC, I’ve been for it the whole time,” Felix said.

In just its third term, the league is even seeing advances in the games of those involved.

“Improvements in the players? Absolutely,” Felix said. “I mean with my team in particular, all of our averages went up.”

“It’ll be interesting to see how it all balances out. If we get a lot of people that are still coming up to me afterwards and hearing the buzz about bowling, and they want to be a part of it, then expansion will be a natural thing.”

All of those interested in joining or just coming out to watch some of your favorite staff “roll the rock,” are welcomed to do so.  Those wanting to get on the substitutes list should contact Felix via his email, [email protected]

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