Letters to the Editor: EVP addresses article about funding recommendations made at CPC

PAUL JARRELL, Executive Vice President of Educational Services

Your recent News article, “Administration suggests list of cutbacks to ease funding free fall,” on Oct. 12, indicates that the administration is making recommendations to address current and future budget shortfalls.  As indicated in the article, these budget deficits are in a large part due to declining enrollment the college has experienced over the past few years.  Since funding from the state is directly linked to enrollment, as enrollments decline, so does our funding.  In order to address the budget deficits, the college will need to look at current income and expenditures and work together to identify potential actions to reduce the deficit.

The recommendations that were presented at the College Planning Council were recommendations made by the chief business officer to the president.  All members of the president’s cabinet make recommendations to the president regarding a variety of issues.  That is one of our roles.  In addition, through College Planning Council discussions and consultation, all constituent groups and stakeholders make recommendations to the president.  All of these recommendations are vetted and only then form the basis of any formal recommendations the administration may make as a whole.

I appreciate the diligence in reporting that has occurred, but must emphasize that at this stage, these recommendations are in the process of being vetted by many college stakeholders and will help form, with recommendations from other groups, the position the district will take.