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Senate member explains reason for breaking open meeting law

Daniel Wallace, Student Vice President of External Affairs

April 19, 2019

This letter’s intent is to provide more context in the limited space provided. The views expressed in the letter are my own. I do not intend to represent the senate here. The Student Fee Handbook details what fees Cali...

Middle College student says vote for Prop. 2 to support homeless

Julia Hinton, Middle College student

November 5, 2018

With the upcoming election on November 6th, there are a lot of important decisions to make regarding our community well-being. One of those decisions is Proposition 2, which offers funding to the organization, There’s No Plac...

Chemistry professor reflects on SBCC President’s apology

Raeanne Napoleon

September 13, 2018

For me, as a person in the center of so much campus controversy, the Waypoint apology was more grandstanding and was written to save the Superintendent-President from further scrutiny. I found him to be sincere, but also found t...

Michael Shermer addresses controversy regarding speech

April 26, 2018

On March 19 I spoke at SBCC. Later I discovered that Dr. Raeanne Napoleon—who doesn’t know me or anything about me—used the “All Campus” email system to repeat false accusations against me in which I allegedly sexuall...

Prof disappointed in Channels Academic Integrity coverage

March 13, 2017

To the Editors of The Channels: I was disappointed to read Austin Ambrose’s recent story “Faculty discusses changes to SBCC academic integrity policy” in The Channels today. (

Letters to the Editor: Clarification on Amendment A

February 7, 2017

To the Editors of The Channels, The ASG believes the following are misrepresentations of the facts at hand discussed in your editorial piece regarding ASG Constitutional Amendment A: -“The Associated Student Government w...

Letters to the Editor: EVP addresses article about funding recommendations made at CPC

PAUL JARRELL, Executive Vice President of Educational Services

October 13, 2016

Your recent News article, “Administration suggests list of cutbacks to ease funding free fall,” on Oct. 12, indicates that the administration is making recommendations to address current and future budget shortfalls.  As indicated ...

Letters to the Editor: City College responds to editorial criticizing communication


March 1, 2016

The editorial “Fearful SBCC fails to recognize The Channels as valuable tool”, published on Feb. 26, 2016, makes many assertions. It is important, for the benefit of the City College community, to clarify some of the statements ...

Letters to the Editor: Santa Barbara Zoo CEO responds to critical column

Richard Block

September 25, 2015

I read with interest the editorial of September 21 titled “Zoos provide inhumane conditions for animals.” Part of my job as CEO of the Santa Barbara Zoo is to talk with people about their perceptions and misperceptions about the work we do. There’s always room for a healt...

Letter to the editor: Jonathan Abboud clarifies comments about Democrats

Jonathan Abboud

December 6, 2014

Hello Santa Barbara City College! My name is Jonathan Abboud, I am your newly elected Area 6 Trustee. I would like to take this time to introduce myself and make myself available to each and every one of you as Trustee. I am...

Letter to the Editor: Go-go dancers not affiliated with City College Dance Club

Pamela Lappen, Dance Club Advisor, Pamela Lappen, Dance Club Advisor, and Pamela Lappen, Dance Club Advisor

April 6, 2011

In response to The Channels' article "Students create go-go business" I believe it is important that your readers are aware of the following. As Dance Club Advisor, the SBCC Dance Club and myself are not affiliated with the...

Letter to the Editor: Regarding Proposition 19 and Measure T

Ethan Kravitz Campaign Manager, No on Measure T

October 19, 2010

Due to an inadequate understanding of Proposition 19, the editors made an uninformed recommendation to vote for Measure T. If Measure T passes, seriously ill patients will be without safe access to medical marijuana, endangering...

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