Proposals made by SBCC student senate to improve accountability

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Proposals made by SBCC student senate to improve accountability


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Members of the Associated Student Government started the year off strong by outlining the ways they plan to meet all of their upcoming goals.

At their first meeting of the semester, the senators discussed their intentions to focus on improving communication and accountability among members.

To encourage greater participation, each member will be required to write a report on what they achieved at each of their last committee meetings as well as weekly updates at the end of every senate meeting.

Over the past two years, The Channels has monitored the student senate’s actions. Among similar articles, The Channels published an editorial in the fall asking senate members to reconsider a costly trip to Washington DC.

The Channels has routinely reported on the student senate and we hope to minimize our criticism of their endeavors in this coming semester. In light of their last meeting, we applaud the student senate for taking steps in the right direction.

At The Channels, we have a structured system that holds all of us accountable for informing the student body. A more rigorous, clear system of responsibility would aid the senate immensely and in turn, benefit the student body that they have a duty to represent.

The senate is a key component in the governance of the City College, and their progression is incredibly important. In the past, there have been many great ideas that were not carried through to fruition, and this cannot happen again. We would like to commend the senators for the changes they’re making to their routine in their efforts to be more effective leaders, and we see great potential in their plans.

Our student representatives have made it clear that beyond simply concentrating on internal affairs, they hope to reach out to more students and the surrounding community as well.

Events such as a beach barbeque for Mesa neighbors and students are planned to bridge the communication gap between older residents and City College students.

Other proposed projects include frequent tabling to connect with peers and create a more effective presence on campus.

By requiring that each member share their weekly progress in the senate as well as within their individual committees, senators will grasp a more concrete understanding of what everyone is actually doing and how far they have come.

These tactics have the power to unite the senate together and help them achieve more this semester. Yet if not taken seriously by all members, these suggestions could disappear along with the rest of the world’s great ideas that aren’t accompanied by determination and work ethic. The senate’s efforts are so far admirable but must be carried out to genuinely improve their leadership. The Channels hopes to see that progress.