Letter to the Editor: Dobbs: Didn’t know campaign email sent campuswide

Dr. Joe Dobbs, Dr. Joe Dobbs, and Dr. Joe Dobbs

I would like to correct information attributed to me in the article you published online on Sept. 24 regarding the e-mails sent to the college community by the Friends of SBCC.


After the Board meeting on Thursday September 23, your reporter asked me if I was aware that e-mails from the Friends of SBCC were sent to the college community.


My answer was “no,” with no other comment. I, in turn, asked the reporter if he was making any inquiries about Lynne Stark’s e-mails to the faculty with an endorsement of the IA Executive Board for all of the challengers of the Board. He said “yes, we are looking into it and it may be in violation.” That was all that was discussed and the end of our conversation.




Note: This letter was sent to The Channels editor through Superintendent-President Dr. Andreea Serban.