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California state Senator Monique Limón will make a visit to the ASG

Student Senate pass a resolution for the Student Justice for Palestine (SJP) club’s ceasefire petition
Claire Geriak

The Associated Student Government (ASG) held their weekly board meeting on Friday, April 19, passing a nearly unanimous resolution in favor of the Student Justice for Palestine (SJP) club’s ceasefire petition, and discussing a visit from California State Senator Monique Limón.

Members of the SJP club have made an appearance at five recent ASG meetings, reading their petition’s mission statement, investigative news articles, original poems and the like, the first time being Friday, March 8.

After six weeks, the ASG addressed the SJP club’s concerns with a written resolution, taking an official stance condemning the ongoing violence taking place in Gaza, Palestine.

“The [ASG] of [City College] calls on all actors to cease hostilities in Gaza in accordance with the United Nations Security Council’s resolution,” one of several points in the drafted resolution read.

Additionally, the resolution condemned the Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel by Hamas, and all forms of “Islamophobia, Antisemitism and bigotry on our campus.”

The resolution was drafted by Reemo Hooper, the Isla Vista community representative and edited by Soph Kofoed, the student trustee. 

After a reading of the resolution in its entirety, the board took a majority vote, and the resolution became official with 11 yes votes, and one no vote. Several board members and public attendees applauded upon hearing the decision.

“I feel really good about [this decision], we listened to the students that came in and talked to us,” Kofoed stated when interviewed after the meeting. “I think that’s really important as a Student Government– that we listen and then actually take action on it. This resolution is really great because it rejects bigotry, prejudice, Islamophobia and Antisemitism.”

Kofoed was additionally responsible for organizing a guest appearance from California Senator Monique Limón, who will be present at the next ASG meeting on Friday, April 26.

Limón represents California’s 19th district, which consists of Santa Barbara County and over 60% of Ventura County, and she is affiliated with the Democratic party. Among other projects, Limón has introduced bills such as SB 1101, mitigating wildfire damages and SB 639, advocating for more Alzheimers awareness.

According to Kofoed, Limón is making an appearance at the meeting to give the members of the ASG a chance to ask questions related to the inner workings of the government, and her role in California’s Senate.

In other news, Elena Fuentes, the student advocate, gave a presentation on the upcoming ‘Honors Sustainability Festival,’ hoping to receive funding from the ASG by way of the sustainability fund.

“We’re looking to make the event a bit bigger this time, and our Honors Program budget is like this,” Fuentes said, holding her hands close together symbolizing their small budget. “I’m looking to utilize funds from the sustainability fund, because it’s a sustainable event.”

The event is planned for Wednesday, May 8, and will host a multitude of attractions including live band performances, free food, raffling of sustainable products and more. 

The event’s purpose is to bring awareness to eco-friendly products and practices, as well as the promotion of local small businesses. 

Fuentes’ proposal was accepted by the board, and a total of $1,910 was allocated to the Honors Sustainability Festival from the sustainability fund.

On the topic of upcoming events, the Student Olympics has been canceled and re-established as a ‘student life event,’ which will consist of small games, trivia and a blow-up obstacle course.

The ASG unanimously voted to allocate $1,500 to the student life event, which will take place on West Campus’ ‘Great Meadow’ on Wednesday, April 24.

Lastly, the ASG held a separate meeting one hour later to speak to the new candidates of the ASG’s executive committee, giving them information about the election process.

The executive committee consists of the President, Student Advocate, Student Trustee, Vice President of Internal Affairs and Vice President of External Affairs, all of which are voted on solely by City College’s student body.

Voting on the committee will take place online, via students’ pipeline email or a QR code on election posters around campus, and will be available following the campaign process, which ends on Thursday, April 25.

The next ASG meeting will take place on Friday, April 26 at 9 a.m. in the Campus Center, room 223.

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