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Academic Senate discuss Follett corporation taking over bookstore

Class cancellations continue to affect business division
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Issues arose at the Academic Senate’s recent meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 14 concerning Follett, a corporation that distributes educational textbooks which has taken over City College’s bookstore

Ashlee Ortez and Paul Miller, faculty members of the cooperation, were present in the meeting in order to share new updates in relation to their textbooks. 

Ortez discussed how Follett has brought down their textbook prices, and what to do in order for professors to get the textbooks they need for their classes. During the discussion, Christopher Johnston, the representative of the English department, felt aggravation in regards to this specific situation. Tension began to rise as the topic was brought up. 

“I’ve had a couple students import [textbooks] from overseas, they’re desperate,” Johnston expressed to the Follett members present in the room. 

Miller responded by bringing up the option of digital copies of books that are available for purchase or rental instead. 

“Just so you know, my son does all of his homework on his phone,” Miller said in response to Johnson. 

An additional topic discussed was classes being cut from campus. The business division representatives from City College discussed their concerns in relation to this issue during the public comment section of the meeting agenda. 

“The impact on our students and our programs are devastating,” Cornelia Alsheimer-Barthel, Accounting and finance professor at City College, said. 

Many students need certain classes in order to obtain their associate degrees or to transfer, but because of high demand and not enough classes some students are unable to meet their requirements. 

The late start accounting classes, specifically ACT 110 and ACT 230, which are extremely high demand classes due to them being prerequisite classes for the accounting associate degrees, are being greatly affected by these issues. 

“It’s all about our students, what better use of the fondation money than to offer classes,” Laura Woyach, an accounting assistant professor, said.“When they don’t get the classes they want they dont get their dreams.”

No further discussion or debate was made of this topic, and the Academic Senate moved on to their agenda. 

Jordan Kilbrew later took the Senate’s attention with his presentation about the communications department as well as new changes being made to the City College website and to the campus. This includes recognition of faculty, a new portal that will take over the pipeline called portal. 

“We want people to feel they belong to this space ,” Kilbrew said as he was explaining why these changes are being made. 

The next Academic Senate meeting will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 28.

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