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Potential administrative costs could amount to 1M for changes


Discussions of restructuring the dual enrollment program and admissions and records department were brought to the City College Planning Council meeting on Tuesday, April 18. The CPC serves as an advisory group corresponding to the interim superintendent-president on issues concerning economics, policies, and plans. 

Vice President of Student Affairs Paloma Arnold proposed a reorganization of various departments and groups including admissions and records, dual enrollment and the transcript evaluation office in order to better serve City College. 

This proposal would include the reorganization of the dual enrollment program and additional staff, moving portions of dual enrollment to academic affairs, restructuring director and supervisor positions in admissions and records, and developing a scaffolded organizational structure within admissions and records. 

According to Arnold’s presentation, this reorganization would cost approximately $443 thousand,  primarily due to the addition of two new supervisor positions. These two new positions would be reclassified in the transcript evaluation office and the dual enrollment program in order to create more structure, according to Arnold. 

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Through her presentation, Arnold explained that problems of organization and inaccurate job descriptions began in these departments in fall of 2021. Arnold pointed out that issues were caused when the dean of dual enrollment was placed on leave and the position was later eliminated, causing admissions and records to absorb all functions and staff of dual enrollment. 

According to the City College website, the mission of the dual enrollment program is to “develop and maintain partnerships that encourage the pursuit of post-secondary education, especially among traditionally underrepresented high school students.” 

Arnold explained the importance of dual enrollment and the financial gains that come with creating a strong program. Many CPC members were in support of this proposal including Interim Superintendent-President Kindred Murillo. 

“This is a really good opportunity for the college to really serve the community and also grow. We have to be really thinking about ways to bring students to City College and I’m so excited to see the job description updates,” Murillo said. 

Representative of the Faculty Association Jamie Campbell expressed financial concerns and explained that having this in addition to two other reorganizations that are being discussed at the moment would be an estimated cost of $1 million.

In response to this concern, Arnold explained the benefits improving dual enrollment at City College could bring.

“This will be the biggest reorganization we do in student affairs as we move forward with each department,” Arnold explained. “In many ways if we continue to increase our dual enrollment opportunities, this would pay for itself. Not to mention the important role dual enrollment plays, but it is an opportunity for us financially as well.”

There was not a motion to approve this action by the council at this meeting, but this proposal will be discussed at the upcoming meeting on Tuesday, May 2. The May 2 meeting will also include discussions of anti-racism according to Murillo. 

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