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Lack of buses for night students prompts solutions from the ASG


A committee to review and implement changes to increase the disbursement of stipends within the Associated Student Government (ASG) was created on Friday, April 7.

ASG officers receive stipends per semester based on their involvement during the eligible months of September, October, November, February, March and April. According to the ASG standing rules as of last year, the maximum payment for an elected officer, or an executive board member, is $1,125, while an appointed officer, a commissioner, gets up to $750.

The months of August, December, January and May, during which the ASG holds meetings, are unaccounted for in these stipend payments.

“We’re working during weeks that we aren’t getting compensated for, so we want to move forward with adjusting the by-laws so that our ASG officers can get paid for the time that they put in,” Elizabeth Wilmer, the vice president of internal affairs, said.

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The newly established committee for adjusting these stipend rules will make their desired changes available to the public, allowing others to voice their thoughts or concerns prior to any finalized policy.

“We will be getting paid for more months, so [stipends] would probably be increased,” Wilmer said.

The government proposed solutions to City College’s ongoing bus schedule issue in regards to students who use the Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) and attend late night classes.

According to Carys Goldsmith, the commissioner of marketing, the final MTD bus at City College leaves around 8 p.m. on weekdays. However, late night classes at City College can run until 9 p.m., stranding those who take these classes and depend on the bus to get home.

“It’s hard to work with MTD on this because I honestly do think they’re doing the best that they can, they simply cannot hire people,” Goldsmith said.

The idea of implementing a designated shuttle for City College students to ride after their late night classes sparked interest among the group.

“I think if the overall issue is drivers, right, we don’t have enough drivers, if [MTD] have a shuttle that would add on to a late night shuttle that might be a great solution,” Christopher Johnson, ASG advisor, said.

The ASG further discussed sending a survey to students with late night classes concerning what their typical mode of transportation is from City College back home. The results are intended to reveal the estimated number of students who rely on the MTD buses during the school week.

Nate Kajani, the commissioner of academics, received a budget request approval of $5,000 for the ASG scholarship committee.

The scholarship will award $500 to each of the total 10 recipients. The application will be available via Google form, with requirements including a minimum of 12 credits, a faculty recommendation and no association with the ASG or scholarship committee. There is also no GPA requirement for the scholarship, allowing all students to apply.

The committee continues to develop the application for City College, and will seek candidates who display campus and community involvement.

The ASG plans to meet again on Friday, April 14.

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