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New app will allow students to better navigate transfer process


A partnership established on Friday, March 24 between the founders of a new app for City College and the Associated Student Government (ASG) promotes a convenient line of communication for transfer students and their desired universities.

EdVisorly is an app created by City College alumna Hanna Ving, along with Lizzie Allison. The app allows community college transfer students to connect with a list of four-year college admissions, as well as plan one’s course schedule to fit a university’s transfer requirements.

“We put the power to transfer in your hands,” Allison said.

In order to spread awareness about the app at City College, the EdVisorly team suggested sponsoring events, student collaborations and social media with the ASG.

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The app is free of cost, with the ability to translate to Spanish and other languages for an accommodating in-app experience under development.

Recently, the ASG filled their prior-vacant positions within the government. The new members consist of Jackie Estrada for commissioner of accessibility and Elena Fuentes for secretary.

Cole Gerstle, Isla Vista community representative, received a budget request approval of $1,104 for his upcoming movie night event in Isla Vista.

The event will be held in Acorn Park, with an opening performance from Magnetize, a local Isla Vista band, along with popcorn and throw blankets for viewing convenience.

All students residing in Isla Vista from City College and UCSB are welcome to attend the screening of “Mamma Mia!” on the night of the event, which is still to be decided.

With the 2023-2024 application for the ASG positions now available, the government is currently aiming to spread the word to all City College students.

Carys Goldsmith, the commissioner of marketing, voiced the idea of making classroom announcements, specifically throughout the political science department, to gain more potential applicants.

The positions available include the following: president, vice president of internal affairs, vice president of external affairs, vice president of operations and finance, student trustee, and student advocate.

The ASG application deadline is at noon on Friday, April 14.

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