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ASG discusses Asian diversity within campus and club grants


An itinerary of club charters and grants became the focal point of the Associated Student Government meeting Friday, Feb. 24.

The Biology Club presented their request for $5,210 to the ASG, yet received only $1,200.

They plan to travel to Channel Islands National Park during the spring break, and hoped for a grant to cover ferry, camp, food, and t-shirt fees for their 45 reserved-members.

“We learn everything through our books, and seeing everything [outdoors] is a great way to kind of experience your knowledge and kind of just dive in,” Eddie Carrillo, one of the club’s vice presidents, said.

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The club has adhered to building a community of people within all backgrounds at City College, along with educating students and sharing meaningful experiences.

The ASG holds a policy for granting up to $400 requests from each club presented to the group. A demand of any greater amount must be thoroughly examined.  

“This funding would basically remove that payment barrier, that financial stuff that people might worry about being a part of our community,” Akhil Tanksalkar, vice president of the club, said. 

The government landed on the reduced grant, as well as a suggested collaboration with the ASG to fundraise for their excursion. 

Divya Ramesh, vice president of external affairs, announced a proposal for supporting Asian international students, a group that she feels is disproportionately underrepresented in comparison to European international students when it comes to aid and navigating City College. 

As a Malaysian international student, Ramesh has personally experienced feelings of loneliness upon first arriving at City College, and more recently has witnessed a greater sense of community amongst European international students. 

“I want to host more events on campus that kind of create like an Asian presence on campus because it’s really difficult to find it if you don’t see it shoved in your face,” Ramesh said.

Ramesh continues to collaborate with the Asian Student Union as well as the international office to further enhance support for these concerns.

The emergence of a new club furthermore sparked discussion during Friday’s meeting.

The Women in Business Club gained approval after sophomore Annika Daniel and freshman Bridget Cunningham gave their pitch to the ASG.

“We strive to advocate equality for women in the workplace through awareness, activism, education and empowerment,” Daniel, who is the president of the club, said. 

The club will promote entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as provide workshops for creating resumes, as well as profiles on LinkedIn and Glassdoor. Daniel additionally announced their plans to invite two guest speakers with experience in the workforce.

In the coming months, many of the ASG council members are expected to graduate, leaving vacant spots and the need for an election committee.  

The election committee holds the responsibility of putting out applications, setting campaign dates and providing judgements upon any nefarious activities.

Aside from the government’s vice president of internal affairs, the ASG is predicted to have all spots vacant by next fall.

The student officers will reconvene on Friday, March 3.

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