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ASG elects officer for Isla Vista, discusses amendment to policy


The Associated Student Government appointed their new Isla Vista Representative on Feb. 10, along with discussions covering additions to their volunteers program, and an updated City College academic policy. 

Cole Gerstle, a second-year student, was voted into ASG’s vacant Isla Vista Representative position Friday. “I really see this position as a chance to further the relationship between the Isla Vista (IV) student community and SBCC,” Gerstle said.

Gerstle raised concerns over the disconnect between campus life and City College students living in Isla Vista. “Even though Isla Vista is only a short 15 minute drive from SBCC, that distance can really be felt,” Gerstle said. “I think sometimes it doesn’t feel like much of an SBCC presence in Isla Vista.”

Gerstle raised plans to set up City College information pop-up tents and outdoor movie nights within the Isla Vista community. Additionally, Gerstle expressed a desire to aid students in regards to housing in IV.

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ASG’s volunteer program was created last fall semester to provide students the opportunity to gain future experience within the organization. At Friday’s meeting, President Chernor Diallo proposed an addition to the program in which a volunteer could fill a vacant position by means of emailing a letter of interest, followed by a traditional interview.

According to Diallo, these additions would be implemented in the middle of the school year, during the spring semester.

Other officers were wary of the president’s proposal.

Many of the concerns surrounding the changes included the convenience of a “bypass” method that would allow candidates to avoid the current extensive application process.

“The application, although it is long in the middle of the semester, gives you an idea of what kind of work you need to do for ASG,” said Divya Ramesh, Vice President of External Affairs. “People who are willing to put that time and effort into getting those four nomination emails and writing that application, you can kind of get the sense that they’re committed.”

ASG chose to move any further discussion on this idea into their next meeting.   

Currently, the organization has two available positions: Secretary and Commissioner of Accessibility.

Cosima Celmayster, assistant professor and counselor, presented her work towards updating City College academic policies relating to probation, dismissal and readmission.

The assistant professor introduced an initiative to remove the word “probation” from academic probation, and use the phrase “academic notice” or “progress notice” instead. “Just the name itself has such a negative connotation,” Celmayster said. 

Celmayster furthermore conveyed plans to implement student voices into any letters and emails sent to students affected by academic standing policies. Students featured in these writings would include those who have been through related experiences, with the goal of providing comfort and support to readers.

ASG made plans to meet again Feb. 24, in accordance with the campus closure on Feb. 17.    

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