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ASG discusses new prayer room for students and approves 2 clubs


The Associated Student Government approved two new clubs and discussed developments on a prayer room for students of different religions, as well as information regarding future vaccine clinics at their Friday, Nov. 18 meeting. 

The Film Appreciation Club charter was approved after President Caspian Pixley presented his goals as providing a communal space for members to watch films together and “bond over common interests.” The club currently has an unofficial group of 15 members but is now open for all students to join. 

The Business and Finance club was also instated as an official club during the meeting, which President Robert Roysner outlined as a collaboration between members interested in accounting, finance, consulting, and banking. Students involved in this club would have opportunities for internships, and resources for launching their own businesses and relative projects.  

“I feel like there’s a lot of entrepreneurial spirit in this school, and I kind of want to make a club, and sort of hub, for everybody to convene, and be able to be entrepreneurs together,” Roysner said. 

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Commissioner of International Affairs Emilie Beckman presented her process, beginning at the start of the fall semester, leading up to the current status of the prayer room, which has been approved with an $800 budget from the board. Beckman reached out to various groups and students, including the Muslim Association Club and the Intervarsity Cristian Fellowship Club, to receive input on what should be included inside of the room. 

Materials requested by students included religious scriptures, prayer mats, and hijabs, among other materials, amounting to an estimated cost of $741. The creator of the room intends to bring in additional resources that encompass every religion that students may practice.   

“We’re going to do a huge survey and reach all students so that we can make sure that every student is represented in the room,” the Commissioner of International Affairs said. 

The room will be located in the Administration building in A125, which is going to be revamped into a space for students to pray, meditate, relax, and celebrate religious holidays. 

Melissa Menendez, organizer of the new program “¡Raíces: First Year and Beyond!,” inquired about assistance from the board to promote the search for students interested in joining a group that would create a logo design to incorporate the mission of the program. She described the goals for the program as ones that will empower students and allow them to participate in shaping the courses they will take. 

“The program offers courses taught by faculty who strive to create a supportive environment for personal development and growth and who view students as co-creators for course assignments and learning goals that enable students to connect lived experiences with academic knowledge to strengthen self-determination,” Menendez wrote in her description of the program

It will be a “holistic program that will hopefully be a space for students to find their voice,” with access to peer mentors, academic counselors, workshops on how to fund college, opportunities for career pathways, health and wellness resources, and internship opportunities, Menendez said.  

Representative Lisa Lopez from City College’s COVID-19 Response Team has arranged for vaccine clinics to be set up on campus in December and asked ASG to promote them, as well as incentivize students to get the vaccine and booster. 

Further planning for the vaccine clinics, among other plans for City College will be reviewed and considered at their next meeting on Dec. 2.

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