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ASG’s events commissioner creates SBCC Halloween activities


The Associated Student Government received the biggest financial requests of the school year from two clubs at their Friday, Oct. 21 meeting, where they also planned several events for City College. 

President of the University Transfer Scholars Program and Student Advocate Jonny Salmeron asked ASG to allocate $800 to him for uses that were broadly arranged from “graduation memorabilia” to traveling funds for students aspiring to transfer to a University. 

It was brought to the board’s attention that the club had an existing balance of $11,235 in their funds, which triggered Vice President of Operations and Finance Robert Roysner’s concerns.  

“I’m not too comfortable giving away $800,” Roysner said. 

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Though moral support was shown for the mission of Salmeron’s club, his inability to convey specific planned actions for the entirety of the requested funds, as well as the money already existing to fund the club, averted ASG’s financial support. 

“I think it’s great and I’m really supportive of it, however, looking at the club fund balance that’s like more than I’ve ever seen in most clubs at this school,” Roysner said. 

They asked Salmeron to narrow down his elaboration to specific plans for which the money would be put towards before any was moved into his club. Additionally, Salmeron had no planned fundraising events, which reinforced the board’s decision. 

“It would be advisable to put this on hold until your club has a definite plan,” President Chernor Diallo said. 

The board arrived at a unanimous decision of disapproval for the allocation of the funds to Salmeron, motivated by their objective to fairly distribute money to clubs under their power. Each member across the table echoed the excessiveness of the request through their reactions and their vote. 

Women’s Lacrosse Club President Kia Kofoed and Vice President Sabrina Forbes asked for $1,170 to fulfill the entry-level dues for their respective league. Kofoed explained how their team could not be funded under the Athletic Department, as they are not yet an intercollegiate team. 

She emphasized the timeliness of the request and their desire to be able to compete as a team.

“The league dues are due in three weeks,” Kofoed said. “After that, we’re not going to be able to compete if we don’t pay those dues.” 

Despite the expressed urgency, Roysner approved the allocation of only $800 to them, along with support from ASG through fundraising. 

Several events which have been in the works over the past few months are in their final stages of development before students can experience what the Student Senate has been working on. 

The first of these will be a series of Halloween events brought to life by Commissioner of Events Evie Pazos Ramirez. This includes activities for Dia de los Muertos taking place from Monday, Oct. 31 to Friday, Nov. 4, which she worked on in collaboration with City College’s Office of Equity and Student and Services. 

Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday “centered around the remembrance of lost loved ones.” 

Ramirez expressed her connection to the holiday and her passion for City College’s participation in it.  

“I’m Mexican myself, so this is a very important holiday for me,” Ramirez said. “We love to honor the people we love.” 

Ramirez is finalizing the details of the Halloween activities being held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 27 at City College. 

More events including a Mindfulness club event and a canned food drive in Isla Vista will be further developed during ASG’s next meeting on Friday, Oct. 28.

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