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Several departments at SBCC are in need for more faculty members


The Academic Senate met on Wednesday, Sept. 28 to begin the process of hiring new employees at City College.

In the fall, the Senate hears from representatives from each department at City College that’s in need of new positions to explain why that department needs support the most. Once the requests have been evaluated they will be ranked by the senate on Oct. 12, based on need. 

In last week’s meeting, many faculty members presented in front of the senate to request new full time or part time positions.

In the past few years, City College has been forced to undergo many changes including losing some prominent members of the faculty. This has a detrimental effect on the remaining staff to handle the workload that has grown significantly.

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Academic counselor Jennifer Hamilton was the first to speak in front of the senate to request two new academic counselors.

“Our academic counselors assisted with updating student application plans and creating a rapport with students so there is a sense of belonging and support as they return to Santa Barbara City College,” said Hamilton. “Access to academic counseling heavily impacts reducing the equity gap.” 

Losing faculty members has a large impact on certain departments that don’t have a large staff. 

The art department is seeking a full-time ceramics and a full-time art history position to combat the struggles they have been faced with.

“If we sound desperate and tired, it’s because we are desperate and tired,” said Art and Art  History professor Stephanie Dotson. “We have almost a 30% decrease in faculty workforce and the rest of us absolutely cannot continue to take on that load.” 

Pleading to the senate, Dotson exclaims that the art department absolutely cannot continue to run without the addition of 2 more full time faculty positions. Classes within this department are currently at a 100% fill rate. The lab will be forced to close if the positions don’t get filled according to Dotson.

“We have been trying our best to accommodate the loss of faculty,” Stephanie Washburn, professor of fine arts said. “But it is a losing game.”

Speaking for the Psychology department and specifically highlighting the Addictive Disorders Counseling program (ADC), Lacey Peters requests a new position for a counselor. The ADC is a support program for non-traditional students such as formerly incarcerated, single parents, first generation college students and those who are in recovery. 

“I am truly passionate about the replacement of these positions,” Peters said. “This program is so valuable to SBCC and our community…with a new leader the ADC can thrive as a department.”

The ethnic studies, biological science, chemistry, and political science departments are all requesting an additional full-time faculty position.

Yolanda Garcia is also requesting the replacement of their only full-time instructor for the Parent Education department at the School of Extended Learning.

The Senate will reconvene this Wednesday, Oct. 5, to hear the remaining 8 proposals and on Wednesday, Oct. 12, the proposals will be ranked.

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