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Murillo suggests vaccine mandate removal, ASG appoints 4 members


Debates over how to address COVID-19 at City College prevailed this week during the Associated Student Government’s Sept. 23 meeting, alongside the election of four new board members, and the inception of the Asian Student Union club. 

ASG welcomed Interim Superintendent-President, Kindred Murillo, to address recent COVID-19 developments regarding the mask and vaccine mandates and debate ensued after opposition to her proposal arose. 

Following last week’s removal of the mask mandate, Murillo suggested City College remove the enforcement of the COVID- 19 vaccine and allow unvaccinated students to attend in-person classes. 

Murillo spoke of COVID-19 safety measures like wearing a mask and getting vaccinated as a “personal choice” with an emphasis on students having priority input on the matter.  

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“We are the most diverse of all of higher education, we serve everyone, and we need to be as inclusive as we can be,” Murillo said. 

The removal of the vaccine mandate will be proposed by Murillo to the Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday, Oct. 20 and would be enforced following that meeting if approved. Students would no longer have to be vaccinated to come to campus and all policies regarding vaccination status would be eliminated.

Student Advocate, Jonny Salmeron, voiced his opposition to Murillo’s proposal with strong support for the continuation of the vaccine mandate.

“Personally I don’t think we should reward people who aren’t getting the vaccine,” Salmeron said. “It’s not about being inclusive to people, it’s about being safe. If you don’t want to take the vaccine there’s consequences.” 

President Chernor Diallo and Student Trustee Andrianina Rajaosera both showed support for Murillo’s stance on the removal of vaccine mandates. A concrete consensus is expected to solidify in weeks to come. 

The formation of the Asian Student Union Club gained approval after leader Duong Thuy Nguyen detailed her movement to create a collective space for Asian American and international Asian students alike to flourish in a community of inclusion and acceptance.  

Goals of intertwining Asian American students and international students through the sharing of stories and cultural experiences within the club were expressed by Nguyen. 

Additionally, ASG hosted a second round of interviews Friday, which resulted in the appointment of four new members.  

Evie Pazos Ramirez was elected as commissioner of events following her promise to introduce new events to City College, one being a “cultural day” that would give students the opportunity to connect with peers from different backgrounds. “Being able to spread your culture on a diverse campus is important,” Ramirez said. 

She also proposed ideas for breast cancer awareness events, a spirit week, and monthly club spotlights. 

Joey Burns was appointed as Isla Vista’s community representative. They plan to bridge the gap between City College and University students, while also supplying City College students with housing networks, safety booths, and general resources for their convenience. 

Divya Ramesh was welcomed as Commissioner of External Affairs and Nathaniel Kajani as Commissioner of Academics.

ASG will reassemble Friday, Sept. 30 to further apply their advantageous position in supplementing improvements for student life at City College. 

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