4 City College students receive Phi Theta Kappa All-California award


From left, Phi Theta Kappa All-California Award winners Nicole Pena, Carie Nicole and Olivia Reed. Photos courtesy of Pena, Nicola and Reed respectively.

Sunny Silverstein, Staff Writer

City College students Carie Millard, Nicole Pena, Olivia Reed, and John Fletcher were recently awarded the 2022 Phi Theta Kappa All-California award. 114 recipients were named across the country. According to the release, PTK is a global honors society that recognizes college students for their academic success and provides opportunities for members to grow as students and leaders. 

Courtesy of Carie Millard
Courtesy of Carie Millard

Carie Millard

City College student Carie Millard is planning to meld her background of the arts with her love for education and science. She will be transferring to UC Davis this fall as a junior in their honors program. Millard will be working towards a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Management and also plans to attend grad school for plant science. Millard says she would like to thank her mentors at City College, Kristen Sneddon and Matthew Kay.  The 19-year-old told The Channels how she is honored to represent California community college students. “I thrive on helping my fellow students find their passions and a path to make their dreams a reality,” Millard said. 


Courtesy of Nicole Pena.
Courtesy of Nicole Pena.

Nicole Pena

Nicole Pena was one of the four recently named recipients of the PTK awards. She is a sophomore and is considering transferring to Western Governors University in the future. She used to be a professional dancer and is now returning to college. She says her decision to return has been a challenge, but a very rewarding one. “I have worked really hard to achieve the successes that I have had in life. I’ve never had anything handed to me or come easy, I always had to work for it. So it feels really good to work hard for something and to be recognized and rewarded for it,” Pena said. 


Courtesy of Olivia Reed.
Courtesy of Olivia Reed.

Olivia Reed

City College student Olivia Reed also received one of the PTK awards this year. According to the City College website, Reed is currently studying psychology and plans to transfer to the Franciscan University of Steubenville and become a cognitive therapist in the future. Reed said she did everything she could during school to ensure an A in every class. She would go to her teachers’ office hours twice a week and create group chats for all of her classes while also working 40 hours a week. 

“I am honored to be receiving the Phi Theta Kappa awards and to be graduating top one of four students in my class. Putting in hard work and being efficient will help you to follow your dreams and accomplish whatever it is you set your mind to,” Reed said. 


John Fletcher

The Channels reached out to Fletcher and did not receive a response.