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ASG approves Women for Success Club charter, USL sparks turf war


The ASG unanimously approved the charter of the Women For Success Club at their meeting on Friday, April 8. 

Club President Andrianina Rajaosera said her goal is to unite both women and men students attending City College and allow them to support one another both mentally and physically to succeed in their education and professional life. The whole board was all in favor and the club has been charted. 

Following the approval of the new club, members from the college’s athletic department logged on to the meeting to voice their thoughts on a new proposed field. 

The United Soccer League has been practicing on La Playa Field and their goal is to remove the turf in year two of a proposed contract and instead put a soccer field with no representation of City College in the middle.

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Head football coaches Craig Moropolous and Don Willis disapproved of the proposed field. 

“That’s like having a chemistry class with beakers with no measurements on it,” Moropolous said. “You don’t get a quality experience as a student whether you’re a football player or chemistry student if you don’t have line measurements.”

La Playa Stadium was recently renovated with a new turf field and repaired drainage system over the summer opening at the start of the fall 2021 school year. 

“It’s a logistical nightmare, I just think it’s more of an undertaking than they are realizing it takes and it’s going to put our students in adverse situations,” Willis said, assistant head coach of the football team and head coach of women and men’s track and field.

Students from not only the athletic teams but also the fitness classes use the field every day for practice and games.

“The football field is a classroom for us even more so because we’re out there every single day,” football player Alex Johnson said. 

The proposed new field will only consist of a soccer field layout and will have painted-in football lines that when no longer needed can wash out. 

“As much as it would be very beneficial as soccer players, we want to look at it from the whole athletics program as a whole and if it’s going to mess everyone’s schedule, it wouldn’t be beneficial for all of us,” soccer player Leonardo Rubio said.

Vice President of Internal Affairs Cameron Black got the student athletes’ contact information in order to testify for a bill advocating for them with the Student Senate for California Community Colleges.

The ASG will be hosting another on-campus giveaway with the Esports Club giving away merchandise from the Campus Store. The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, April 12 at West Campus. 

Commissioner of Clubs Divya Ramesh said she was able to discuss with the student leaders to start more clubs at the recent Club Day event which was held on April 5. These include music, LGBTQ+, ultimate frisbee, Dungeons & Dragons and reviving the Mindfulness Club.

The ASG will reconvene to discuss further plans for the remainder of the semester on Friday, April 15.


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