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Meet and greet with an award-winning author awaits ASG’s aid


The Associated Student Government discussed further steps for the implementation of upcoming events during their meeting on Nov. 19.

The ASG welcomed English Assistant Professor Jason File to their meeting who presented a request for a co-sponsorship of a “Multi-literacy English Transfer Program” (MET) event for spring 2022.

The guest speaker for this occasion is planned to be Tommy Orange, an author from Oakland, California who will present his first book “There There” and have a conversation with the students afterward.

“We think this would be a great event to have in person and on campus to bring the student community together,” File said.

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Orange’s book received the 2019 American Book Award and the assistant professor said the book has been read, analyzed and discussed in many English classes at City College.

File said he is planning on establishing “There There” in even more classes in the upcoming semester in order to ​familiarize more students with the book before the event takes place on April 20, 2022, at the Business/Communication Forum at City College.

To give the students the opportunity to meet the author in person, File is requesting a co-sponsorship and $2,000 from the ASG. Half of the money would be needed to pay Orange’s speaking fee, the other half to carry out the actual event.

The MET is a subgroup of the English faculty of the department that is open to anybody, but supports and recruits historically under-represented students.

The ASG will review their budget and make a decision at their next meeting.

The student government also discussed updates on the “Re-Enrollment Campaign.”

City College enrollment has declined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, among other factors, and the ASG will be hosting re-enrollment events in order to get in contact with former students.

The event will take place online and on campus on Dec. 3 and 4.

The purpose of it is to get as many former students as possible back for the future semesters.

The ASG is planning on helping the school at the check-in tables and with advertising which will consist of distributing flyers on campus as well as contacting students who said they were concerned about returning to in-person classes.

The ASG will reconvene on Friday, Nov. 26.

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