ASG hears accreditation info, MTD update, student vaccine numbers


Rodrigo Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief

This past Friday’s Associated Student Government meeting saw visits regarding accreditation, an update on the upcoming Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transport District (MTD) payment program, as well as information on student vaccination rates.

Senior Director of Institutional Assessment, Research and Planning Z Reisz kicked off the series of visits, familiarizing the ASG with accreditation and its importance to the school. Reisz explained the three main reasons behind the process:

  • Classes from accredited schools allow students to transfer to UCs and CSUs.
  • Students from accredited schools are able to receive federal financial aid.
  • It provides a “nice framework for the college as they assess themselves on how to improve.”

The accreditation process occurs every six years, and this year City College is one of three districts in the state taking part in the formative summative process. Reisz said the college submitted a self-evaluation report to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) in January, where the group then returned the report with a few inquiries in April, which gave City College six months to prepare more evidence to prove they are meeting the standards.

Normally, representatives from the ACCJC visit the campus in person, but due to COVID-19 the visit will be virtual, occurring this week on Tuesday, Oct. 12 and Wednesday, Oct. 13.

There will be an open forum on Oct. 12 at 3 p.m for the City College community to provide information and directly address the accreditation team.

On Oct. 13, the team will provide an exit report and a summary of their findings from the visit.

MTD Planning and Marketing Manager Hillary Blackerby returned to further discuss the pilot program MTD has in place to make boarding the bus easier and more convenient for students, and eventually all passengers.

“Tap to Ride” plans for students to be able to connect their school IDs to their debit/credit card, phone, or smartwatch and use their device to enter the bus. The fare will remain free for City College students.

“The idea is you use that to be able to use the bus instead of having to take the student ID out,” Blackerby said.

The new contactless fare validators have already been implemented on the 12x and 24x lines. Contactless validators are planned for installation on eight more lines including the 15x, which runs from UCSB to City College, and the 16, which runs from the Transit Center to City College.

The test program is looking to start next semester, with 50-100 students needed as volunteers.

Vice President, Special Assistant to the Superintendent-President Joyce Coleman was the next guest speaker, informing the ASG of COVID-19 relief-related activities.

Coleman listed the percentages of the college’s vaccination rates, with uploads from 55% of students in for-credit classes, 60% of non-credit students, 48% of Adult High School students and 176 approved exemptions as of Friday, Oct. 8.

The ASG will reconvene on Friday, Oct. 15.