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SBCC’s Study Abroad Program plans takeoff for 2022 semesters

August Lawrence
The International Education Center on Oct. 4 at City College’s East Campus in Santa Barbara, Calif. The Study Abroad Program has trips planned for the spring, summer and fall semesters of 2022.

City College is once again planning to offer trips with the Study Abroad Program beginning in the spring 2022 semester despite the ongoing pandemic.

The scheduled trips include:

  • English, Art History and Italian Language in Rome, Italy – Spring 2022
  • STEM and ART in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands – Summer 2022
  • International Business, International Marketing in Dublin, Ireland – Summer 2022
  • English, History, Art History in London, England – Fall 2022

“All of our study abroad programs have a 20-student minimum, just like other [City College] classes, that has to be met for a program to move forward. So a program could be canceled for not meeting the minimum requirement, though that does not happen very often,” Study Abroad Program Advisor Nicole Walther said.

The date for interested students to turn in all completed documents and the online application has been extended to Friday, Oct. 15.

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The program is also taking precautions in response to COVID-19. For each trip, the team in charge consults with service providers who have offices in the destinations and are in close contact with local authorities. 

The program also consults with other authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization

“Our priority is the health and safety of our students and faculty,” Walther said. 

There is still the possibility of programs getting canceled due to the ongoing pandemic.

All efforts are made to cancel programs before any non-refundable fees are due for students. 

Undergraduate students are given the opportunity to study abroad at a comparatively low cost, with faculty who want to teach abroad and fellow students who share many interests with them.

The subject-specific programs permit faculty to bring their lectures to life with applicable trips in the countries.

The trip to Italy will feature classes in English, art history, and Italian language. STEM and art courses will be the focus of the Germany, Austria and the Netherlands trip, while international business and marketing classes will be offered in Ireland.

Students have the option to pick between semester-long programs in the fall and spring, or short programs that generally take place during the summer, winter, or spring break. The programs vary every year.

City College has offered study abroad since 1973, when it was one of the first California community colleges to develop comprehensive semester abroad programs. They have achieved state and national recognition for excellence and quality.

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