ASG fills vacant positions with no recognition of breaking Brown Act


August Lawrence, Associate Editor

Starting 13 minutes late and in violation of the Brown Act, the Associated Student Government held an extended meeting focused on interviewing and voting in new officers to complete its board this past Friday, Sept. 24.

Last week, the ASG failed to post their agenda 72 hours in advance. However, there are no repercussions for the ASG since no one filed a complaint concerning the Brown Act violation. The Brown Act is California’s open and publicly accessible meeting law.

“The district attorney or any interested person alleging a violation of this chapter first submits a cease and desist letter by postal mail or facsimile transmission to the clerk or secretary of the legislative body being accused of the violation,” according to Section 54960.2 of the Brown Act.

The ASG, which serves as a voice for students in administrative matters, spent the past couple of weeks reaching out to the student body hoping to welcome new officers to its governing board.

The two current members, President Allegra Kabukapua Kalombo and Vice President of Operations and Finance ZhiNing Cui, sent out applications and questionnaires, reviewed all of the applicant’s responses and held interviews during last week’s meeting. This week was the final round of questioning.

“Based on your answers we will vote and decide who gets appointed,” Kabukapua Kalombo said. 

After interviewing all of the applicants, the ASG was able to fill each vacant position on the board.

The positions of Secretary, Commissioner of Sustainability and Isla Vista Representative were still vacant after the voting because no one ran for them. This was the chance to join for those who had applied but not voted in.

“Can you raise your hand,” Kabukapua Kalombo said, “if you’re interested for any positions?”

Each vacant position was assigned to whoever raised their hand.

Rafael Carrillo is the Vice President of Internal Affairs, Riley Barker is the vice president of external affairs, Jonny Salmeron is the student advocate, Jonathan Dinh is the Isla Vista representative, Astrid Bush is the commissioner of marketing, Aika Person is the commissioner of international student affairs, Tanja Jefferson is the commissioner of clubs and organizations, Samuel Mindel is the commissioner of academics, Cameron Black is the secretary, Emma Safahi is the commissioner of sustainability and Andrianina Rajaosera is the commissioner of accessibility.

Ania Garcia, who was vying for the position of Student Secretary, did not show up for the interviews. Her spot was therefore given to her opponent.

“If she wanted to be interviewed, she would have shown up,” Kabukapua Kalombo said after realizing Garcia had not signed on to the Zoom.

The ASG will reconvene next Friday, Oct. 1.