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ASG meets with new president, former officer voices concerns


A new semester brings new beginnings, and this fall sees an almost entirely new Associated Student Government Board.

The fall 2021 kickoff meeting consisted of a crash course of basic procedures and following a meeting agenda that abides by the Brown Act. New City College Superintendent-President Kindred Murillo made an appearance to familiarize herself with the student officers.

This term, the ASG is only made up of Vice President of Internal Affairs Allegra Kabukapua Kalombo and returning Vice President of Operations and Finance, ZhiNing Cui. 

“Welcome, thanks so much for being here,” Kalombo said as she opened.

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The ASG hopes to have a full board by the end of the month. 

Student Rafael Carrillo signed in for public comment to voice his worries about the lack of direct communication between students and the ASG. Carrillo was the former ASG Vice President of Internal Affairs during spring 2020.

“If we are uninformed the ASG will not carry out its duties,” Carrillo said. “That’s a shame.”

Carrillo’s concerns stem from Student Program Advisor Amy Collins acting as a messenger between the ASG and students. He said it was impossible for a true back and forth between the ASG officers and everyone else.

Carrillo also listed several ways in which he thought the student government could improve. Including updating its website and informational pages, simplifying student outreach emails and cutting down Collins’ role as liaison, which would encourage the ASG officers to have a direct line with students.

“I’d love if you guys would think on how you guys can get more involved,” Carrillo said. “Most students don’t even know who you guys are.”

Carrillo requested the officers to meet with him again in a special meeting later in the week so they could talk more in-depth.

However, since his suggestion was only a public comment and wasn’t on the meeting agenda, it couldn’t be brought to the floor for an official discussion.

“I 100% believe special meetings are only for pressing emergencies,” said advisor Christopher Johnson. “I would strongly encourage you to wait till we have a full board.”

This meeting was the first interaction between new Superintendent-President Murillo and the student board.

The purpose of Murillo’s visit was to get to know the new ASG and establish professional bonds between the two.

“I want you to know I’m here for you and want to help build confidence in your future,” Murillo said.

The student officers continued the meeting by discussing the ASG’s application form and any requirements needed to join the student government.

In past years, 100 signatures were needed from each officer. This was suspended.

Officer Cui suggested potential applicants should put their ideas on how they would help the student body directly.

Students will be able to apply to the ASG starting Monday, Sept. 6. The deadline for applications is due Tuesday, Sept. 14. Interviews are on Friday, Sept. 24 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

“So students know it’s mandatory we meet every week that day,” Cui said about the student board meeting on Fridays. 

Cui also presented the ASG with its budget for fall 2021.

Including student body and student representation fees, the ASG’s budget for the semester is $95,370.67.

“If the board needs to spend money, we will allocate from these funds and proceed,” Cui said after her presentation.

The ASG will reconvene next Friday, Sept. 10. 

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