News Briefs: Campus Climate town hall, summer priority registration


Kiki Reyes, Staff Writer

With so much happening around City College, The Channels would like to offer a single place for the most important information. We’ll be compiling a weekly list of current and upcoming events to keep readers up to date on campus news.


-Priority registration for the Summer I and Summer II semesters will begin March 31. Not every student can sign up at the same time, but the specific dates and guidelines can be found on the website. The Summer I session begins on May 17, and the Summer II session begins on June 28. To view the summer course offerings, visit 


-The next Campus Climate Advisory Committee town hall will take place at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 25, on Zoom. The discussion for the month will focus on “transparency,” its effects and the rules and regulations regarding privacy (FERPA or the Brown Act). As requested by the public, there will also be an open discussion on the surge in anti-Asian violence occurring nationally and a chance to revisit last month’s topic of  “retaliation.” People can submit feedback anonymously via the comment form if they do not wish to participate in the meeting.

Image courtesy of SBCC.
Image courtesy of SBCC.

-The Chicana/o Studies Institute of Santa Barbara City College will host “Chicana/o Studies Majors (BA, MA, PH.D.) and Career Paths,” from 2-4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 7, on Zoom. The discussion will feature numerous professors, counselors and other professionals at City College, like Dr. Thomas A. Carrasco, the chair of American Ethnic Studies.