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ASG reviews SBCC’s latest accreditation renewal report

James Von Essen

The Accreditation Steering Committee sat-in with the Associated Student Government to review the college’s upcoming re-accreditation requirements and standards.

Every seven years City College must renew its accreditation as an educational institution. The college must meet four institutional standards in order to be eligible for re-accreditation.

“We need to meet these requirements as a minimum,” said academic counselor Gwyer Schuyler. “But the college always aims to excel beyond minimum.”

The first standard is “academic quality and institutional effectiveness,” which is the college’s ability to continually offer the highest quality of education available, and to evaluate and improve programs and resources every year. 

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The college analyzes statistics and data, and evolves to meet the student’s needs as they change from year to year to ensure the best possible potential for learning and achievement, while meeting the standard.

The second requirement is “student learning programs and support services.” City College must ensure that the credits offered here are transferable to other institutions, and the college must provide services and programs that foster student success.

“Offering these services is also a concern of ours as well,” said psychology professor Joshua Ramirez. 

The last two accreditation standards are “resources” and “leadership and governance.” 

The college must provide the physical tools to ensure students can access their coursework, such as laptops and Wi-Fi, as well as financial assistance and any other resources that may help students meet their educational goals.

The school’s shared governance and leadership must meet exceptionally high standards in their decision-making processes, and must adhere to strict policies, procedure and practices.

“These are kind of like the big three P’s,” said Patricia Stark, co-chair of the Accreditation Steering Committee.

City College currently meets all standards and requirements to renew its accreditation going forward.

The Associated Student Government will reconvene on Oct. 23.

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