ASG trials anti-racism courses, campus-wide classes to follow

Cassandra Wilkins, Staff Writer

The Associated Student Government plans to take action on fighting for racial equality by testing the SpeakOut program, and eventually introducing it to students across the campus.

SpeakOut is a new, Los-Angeles-based online program that, “is a collaborative course put together by a bunch of well-respected community creators,” said ASG President Carson Mitchell. 

The program appealed to the Student Senate because of the affordability and time manageability in which the course provides students.

The course recently received budget approval from the senate and will soon be tested and reviewed by all nine officers. President Mitchell finds it “necessary for ASG officers to be knowledgeable or well versed in anti-racism education/anti-racism training” for the benefit of its student body and community. 

Their goal is to make anti-racism education accessible to the whole campus. 

Mitchell personally recommends this course to “absolutely everyone at the City College” because it is designed for college students and is “a valuable resource to create a necessary climate change on this campus.”

If the program is approved by ASG then the $20 per person course fee would be paid by the student representative fund. The more students sign up, then the overall price per user goes down. Students would also receive a certificate of completion after finishing the course according to Mitchell.

It is meant to be manageable for all students, and is expected to take an estimated time of three hours total to complete the program, but students can spend as long as they like to complete the course.

The senate trialing and soon offering SpeakOut is one of many efforts to combat racial injustices and educate students on discrimination. The senate encourages as many students as possible to participate.