Senate approves pro-life club which aims to ‘abolish abortion’

August Lawrence, Associate Editor

Pro-life club Students for Life of America petitioned the Associated Student Government for approval of a Santa Barbara chapter, and was recognized as an official student organization at City College.

Students for Life mainly concerns itself with “protecting lives of the unborn and educate about the realities of abortion and fetal development,” said club President Anna Reed.

She said the club would spread awareness through “informative presentations and Zoom speeches, just to start a dialogue.”

Since the club wasn’t asking for an inordinate amount of money or time from the ASG, Commissioner of Events Anastasia Fenkner felt that Students for Life should be approved.

“We should have a variety of opinions so we can balance out what we consume,” Fenkner said. 

Students for Life of America is a nation-wide, secular organization whose sole purpose is to “abolish abortion.”

Student Advocate Suzanne Obando pointed out that approving the charter could incite aggression on campus. “I’m not saying the club is aggressive, but they can bring in people who are,” said Obando. 

Obando felt the safety of students who have had abortions might face harassment if the ASG approved the club.

Student Trustee Lilli McKinney thought that certain students might feel marginalized if City College actively allowed a culture with pro-life views.

“Making a welcoming environment does not include creating an environment where somebody feels ashamed or personally targeted because of their personal choice,” said McKinney.

The Students for Life’s club charter was approved by a margin in a 5-3 vote after a discussion of 15 minutes, with Obando, McKinney and Vice President of Student Operations Maggie Tang voting against.

The senate also unanimously approved the commission of the new scholarship honoring City College alumni Nicholas Claudio, who died on Sept. 27.

The ASG will reconvene next Friday, Oct. 16.