Senate discusses possible online fall semester, looks for solutions

Trevor West Morgan, Staff Writer

The Associated Student Government met virtually Friday to brainstorm how it will help students with the upcoming summer and fall semesters, especially with so much uncertainty surrounding the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The meeting was led by Vice President of Internal Affairs Rafael Carrillo in the absence of Senate President Alexandra Montes De Oca. 

“Quite a few of my friends are having difficulties knowing what classes they should take,” said Carrillo. “Is the school going to have in-person classes or is it going to be all online?”

“These discussions are happening nationwide,” said senate advisor and Associate Dean of Student Services Christopher Johnson. “I would venture to say there’s no strong decisions.”

Some universities have already decided to make their fall semester classes entirely online. California State University Fullerton announced five days ago that they intend to do so and are preparing for a possible online spring 2021 semester. 

City College will hold its summer semester online but has not made any definitive decisions as to its fall semester. 

Johnson proposed having online classes resemble a real class as much as possible, saying that it would never “be apples for apples” but that the effort should be made. 

“If we can keep in mind how we can help, how we can better their experience in some way, I think that would be really cool too,” said Carrillo.

The senate’s agenda for Friday’s meeting labeled the “discussion of long-term solutions/aid for students” for both discussion and action. 

The senate had the option to take action on the matter if any were proposed, though the discussion only lasted six minutes of the hour and a half meeting. 

The senate did not take any action on this item.

The senate also discussed how to carry out the annual ‘Club of the Year’ and ‘Outstanding Student’ awards during the closure of campus. This year the award winners will be featured on a web page instead of at the usual reception that’s given. 

The senate will have to take action on ‘Club of the Year’ at next week’s meeting to fulfill the requirements of a previously determined deadline.

The senate will reconvene for its next regular meeting Friday, May 1.